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  1. His pace blows... one game it’s 20 points, next 6. The “overreactions” are confused owners and how in a smash spot he could do 0 before the 4th quarter... 0! People played him as a ceiling flex unless you’re in deep leagues and he may be a wr2, but a lot of people had better options as mentioned above and I’m sure would’ve went another way had we expected 1 target through almost the whole game... His usage is horrendous. He may hit his numbers but for fantasy, you’re throwing darts blind starting him over guys with either more targets or better qb play
  2. I’d agree, a lot would also. They aren’t utilizing Moore. Robby the new toy
  3. How much Gase puts 3 guys on Bell every time he touches the field so that he doesn’t do ****. Lol. I feel CEH has another 100 yard rushing day coming... be nice to design a screen for him that actually works.
  4. I can almost guarantee Boyd and Evans will both exceed 6.5 points lol smh at least bridge garbage threw a pick.
  5. Koo is doo doo... anyways.. Moore time? Be so sweet to get a long td bomb on a slant or some **** from walker. God please
  6. Please let Moore get something tonight. Seriously. Embarrassing
  7. Wait teddy out? Maybe the back up with throw to Moore cause Moore is the 4th wr on the panthers and they practice together
  8. I hope teddy gets picked and somehow Moore gets a wt reverse run for an 40 yard TD
  9. My opponent and I’m glad cause I started shitbag Moore
  10. 0 power and 0 points from Moore. I guess it’s good that I don’t have to watch.
  11. Ridley does this every year. Who cares. F Dj. I may just drop him. I have too many wr that can actually get targets
  12. If DJ does nothing I hope bridge does nothing. My opponent started him. Should’ve played evans
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