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  1. The Bills can give him the best ghostwriter with Cole Beasley
  2. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/08/san-francisco-49ers-raheem-mostert-jerick-mckinnon/ Head coach Kyle Shanahan on Monday discussed the scuffling run game after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles. He pointed to a lack of big plays as part of the reason that once-dominant aspect of the 49ers offense has been absent. “We’ve missed the big plays since the Jets game, which is when you lose those explosives, you’ve got to be a lot more consistent. Our consistency just has not been good,” he said. “(Sunday) night, I think it was pretty obvious. Had a few chances and you’ve just got one guy wh
  3. I agree and also G-Reg’s rap career can never be mentioned enough
  4. I agree that Wilson will be running the ball too (probably goal line carries too) but everything I’ve read leads me to believe that McKinnon will be the rb catching passes. Mostert on McKinnon - "You can line him up at slot. His pass-catching is unbelievable, route-running. He works on those types of things, but then he's also transitioned to being a smooth runner."I remember the first year he got here; he knew the routes. He knew the route trees for the receivers and running backs, and he's perfecting that. But he didn't really have a full grasp as a runner."
  5. Per Tags- “Nick Mullens targeted running backs 49 times in his eight games, enough for a 17.9 percent target share, and they didn't have the problems they do now at wide receiver.”
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