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  1. Yea but not yet.. I get Jordy though AND A RB1 although he does come off the field on 3rd downs
  2. He adds Jordy Nelson and I tack on Crabtree.. Would u do it? 12 team .5 ppr Leave a link I'll help In return
  3. I need 17 points from Stefon Diggs in .5 PPR Not too worried.
  4. I disagree with above post I believe Keenan Allen is a WR1. He's still working back to 100%, everybody already forgot his Run after catch ability (Mile high td years ago)
  5. 12 team, .5 ppr other wrs: Keenan Allen Stefon Diggs Devin Funchess I'll hlep yours in return leave a link.
  6. Baltimore Defense about to give Carrless Raiders hell, while Funchess has been getting hotter and hotter. Should I make the move?
  7. 5, then, 7, then 7 again, then 11. Eli likes to check down and this guy runs routes like a Aaron Hernandez. NYG will be playing behind a lot and throwing, they give this guy RZ opportunities, Id say hes a TE1.
  8. He is my RB2 after Leveon and i am doing fairly well
  9. Hahahah all of you who said "he dosen't look right to me" should i sell high hahahahah literally laughing my ******** a** off out loud at you fools.
  10. man f--- schedules. this dudes a baller
  11. Flacco does piss me off. It's almost as if after he got his ring, he was like f--- football ill sandbag it. Edit: back on topic would you trade for the Terrance West owner?
  12. Le'Veon Bell for Kareem Hunt just happend in my league
  13. this guys the most gangster dude on the field. All the swag goes to him when he's on.
  14. Who is the guy here? Who the hell is this extra Alex someone taking touches way now its a 3 way committee. Any Ravens fans know what's going on or who the guy to own is, if there is even? Buck Allen did well for me one week and an owner is offering me Terrance West in a trade, but this third dude has me confused. Will Help in Return.
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