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  1. Does anyone know for sure if Green will retain his "Out" designation during next week's bye-week?
  2. In the full quote he backs all the RBs and doesn't ultimately make it about himself. Yes, he spoke out... call him an "idiot" all you want but he's a 21 year old kid with a rush of emotions after a NFL game, being bombarded by reporters. Guarantee you he wasn't the only one capable of letting off steam if reporters interviewed all 53. What he said and the way he said it actually makes a difference. True, he might get benched... but it won't go over well. Most of the Cincy fanbase has grown to despise Marvin Lewis, and his response to Mixon's. Mixon's rookie year most likely hinges on Lewis getting fired anytime soon.
  3. I really thought Ty was perfect for a new QB... back with an option to pass... like c'mon... Very uninspired play-calling. My optimistic analysis for Ty is they REALLLLY wanted to see what they have in Jones, and it doesn't hurt letting Ty rest his bones through the bye. I mean they didn't even have him out there on 3rd downs, they had Cobb taking snaps instead. He still has a unique skillset, a skillset that made him a weapon with Rodgers and one that can help protect a new QB. I just think it's too easy to get caught up in the fantasy perspective and numbers and forget that the staff isn't thinking that way, and there is very little insight on what they are thinking. Am I dropping? No. Am I starting him Week 9? Probably not. He's a hold. Obviously the play-calling on both fronts didn't win GB the game, so you can't assume it will be the same.
  4. True, but look at how they match up with PIT though. CIN better in all run-blocking categories on Football Outsiders. I'm not saying start or sit. Just pointing this one tidbit out. PIT dline against run - 29 - 19 - 24 - 32 CIN oline running - 21 - 10 - 20 - 28
  5. Yeah... likes to, but can they? T Hill - 7/133/1 M Thomas - 5/89/0 D Hopkins - 7/76/0 K Benjamin - 4/104/0 M Evans - 5/49/0
  6. Streaming thoughts this week? He's ranked 6th in snap count % for WR's, so could that translate into targets? Highest o/u in vegas this week.
  7. I don't think you can take any of his plays at NO that seriously. It's not like they featured him and an educated guess would say he lost interest. First big knock is his age, right? He's 32. But how often does a 30 year old in today's NFL run for 1500/11? Just two years ago, after years of wear. He is not human. His ceiling is probably around mid-RB2. This:
  8. Eddie Lacy wasn't signed to a top-10 RB contract for no reason. And Rawls has been huge for them in the past when healthy. Prosise has minimal rushes. It's obvious they don't see him as their sure bet all-around back right now... This is a committee. You have to see the advantages on both sides. There's also this: http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/dl Rams have been playing really good against short yardage running plays, plays where they're expecting the run. They haven't done so well otherwise. McKissic obviously has some big play gadget potential this week, in my opinion.
  9. Well you don't know that. If I have to drop him then I'll just scoop Eifert back up. We all know the risks, Prosise, etc. This s--- happens every year, people come from nowhere. Coaches move on from players. All I'm saying is I think he will get touches and the Rams are bad against backs and I could see him having a solid game. It's obviously a huge risk in the ****tiest back situation in the league. Not trying to convince anyone to play him just giving my thoughts.
  10. And that's all I care about. If he blows up then I'll consider making room on my bench for him.
  11. FULL ON YOLO FOR THIS WEEK BOYS. I had Maclin to flex because of byes, wasn't digging that. I decided to drop Eifert and flex McKissic. Even if he does well I'm expecting to drop him due to Seattle's bye, schedule, Prosise, other RBs - you know, the obvious. AND I traded Diggs after week 1 for Eifert...so dropping Eifert for McKissic wasn't easy, and shows how bullish I am on him this week. He looked good. Read a lot all the articles about how the vets wanted him to play, the locker room loves him, the fact Russell trusted him last game right away, and I believe Seattle's passing role is entirely his this week. He has earned touches, he should get them. The staff is probably more unsure about the power game. Oh yeah almost forgot, the Rams are playing awful against backs... (have me a backup plan though lmao. since he plays in the afternoon I have solid floor options to switch out with. my oppoent has all noon games.)
  12. The most logical guess right now is after their Week 6 bye.
  13. No one's concerned this dude is going to get hurt? Lookin' pretty lightweight out there...
  14. I was tempted to start him over D. Parker in flex, but then I looked at Cleveland's previous three games against the run... not surprised he didn't have the breakout game "experts" were buzzing about. CLE allowed: 2.1 ypc / 35 yds vs. PIT 4.3 ypc / 136 yds vs. BAL 2.6 ypc / 92 yds vs. IND (2.9 ypc / 86 yds vs. CIN) Also Football Outsiders had them ranked 6 vs rush and bottom 5 vs pass. You beat Cleveland through the air. Add in 2 other running backs that have been prominent in the Cin offense... and there you have it. Not surprised at all by the result, and not phased or worried one bit. Buy low (as an investment..).
  15. Perhaps we've heard nothing about Ty because he was getting x-rays on his ribs?
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