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  1. Lots of guys take CMC. He won 1/2 the ppr leagues last year. If you can trade a late 1st rnd back(say Mixon/Chubb/conner) and a 3rd or 4th rnd wr to sit on CMC for 3 or 4 weeks, you do it all day long if you are deep and 2-0. He will probably still outscore them both rest of season...even if he is 70%.
  2. Just dont play Jets or Bengals. Better off that way anyway.
  3. Christian McCaffrey is the biggest stud in the league.
  4. Anybody playing Brees? Good matchup with no weather concerns. Could be a sneaky good play this week(not sure Brees is a sneaky play, but considering he could have been waived in a lot of leagues, I guess that fits).
  5. What is his value now? Never know with the Patriots but I'd say with a 2nd round value that he is gonna play and contribute big.
  6. It doesnt matter if Bonna is really good or not. The Panthers have nothing else and have a new qb who is gonna check down. Hes a must start and easy rb2 with rb1 weeks if McCaffrey is hurt.
  7. Exactly what Bill wants the Giants to think. Never know what the Pats will do or who they will do it with and Bill likes it that way.
  8. I just hope this guy makes it 16 games. Panthers gonna run him into the ground. But 2500 total yards this season could happen on the way there.
  9. Rush yards dont matter as much in ppr. He may get just 30 rush yards and 30 receiving yards, but if he catches 4 or 5 balls to do it, it is 10 or 11 points. A td and it is 17...which will be a top 10 back for the week. Rush yards in ppr just dont matter as much for backs who catch balls. So you play him if he is playing.
  10. Did Gostkowski miss another extra point? Or bill go for 2?
  11. On Brady- maybe Gronk comes back when AB leaves? Bill is ready to run up the scores this year...Tom is a good play until the weather gets too bad.
  12. Thoughts on Theilen, tyreek hill and Drew Brees for Edelman and lockett? My team about to be 2-0 and would have Fitzgerald, Ridley, Theilen at wr and Ross or Scary Terry at flex until tyreek comes back. Other guy needs to win now. Brady my QB. Thoughts?
  13. 2 defensive TDs and a bunch of Sony doesn't happen every week. James has a couple slow games every year and still catches 60-80 balls. Just keep in mind, he was 5th rounder or later for a reason. He gets 4 or 5 catches a week and only 4 or 5 carries a week too. Today he got 3 carries and 3 catches. Not too different than expected. He will be fine.
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