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  1. is this guy getting underestimated for some reason? nobody claimed him. just got him for free. bucs #2 WR, HELLOOOOO Is it because he's white? hes getting deep balls, screens, kick returns, slants everything in this game he put up 2 duds.. one ws DENVER
  2. Back on the damn train and flexing this week CHOOO CHOO
  3. Dropped him and looks like he got picked up off waivers. RIP DWAYNE. honestly, hes not doing anything with riddick there so whatever
  4. still lol'ing at this post..especially the part that hes a rookie 7th round pick were making vids about
  5. As a Giant fan, dont expect much from him. We cant run
  6. Lol the rotoworld staff is obsessed with this guy. another blurb just came out
  7. Do you even lift? Lack of muscle tone is from fat. So u mean he needs to hit up the stairmaster Dgoat dont need no stairmaster
  8. hes literally forte DWYANE DGOAT WASHINGTON bout to win fantasy leagues
  9. Someones upset they couldn't nag him in waivers
  10. So everyone damn name on the who to add fantasy articles was added except for this guy. Lol just scooped him. Holding that $100 FAAB for that one guy Didnt think Kenneth Dixon would be added I guess someone read an article
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