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  1. Those numbers pale in comparison to the amount of people around the world who have universal healthcare. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_with_universal_health_care It's amazing how the richest country in the world allows billionaires to convince them they can't afford a better quality of life. Check it out for yourself. Americans pay more per capita than any other country in the world yet are ranked 37th in overall health care performance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Health_Organization_ranking_of_health_systems_in_2000 This should make you
  2. I'm sorry to hear your wife is having difficulties, but that's an American problem, not a Medicare problem. I have Medicare in Australia and see whichever doctor I want because we are all on the same system. Medicine is cheap because the government gets to collectively bargain on behalf of its 25 million citizens/customers. It's amazing how simple and inexpensive things can be if everyone is working within the same system and that system isn't motivated by profit.
  3. Srsly can't stop laughing about someone complaining about poor people getting to see a doctor but fine with "slaving away" to prevent billionaires from losing a few pennies
  4. Time to tell grandma you want to take her Medicare and social security away because you're sick of slaving away for her lazy commie a55 🤣
  5. Nominee for most unintentionally ironic post of the season
  6. Owners of 270 million guns: no way am I going to allow my government to give me access to better healthcare. Those same gun owners: Yeah I'm alright with a 1.5 trillion dollar bailout for billionaires (this literally happened two days ago) What a joke
  7. Lol this is such ignorance. I'm a dual American citizen who has lived in Australia now for nearly a decade and the notion that Medicare for all is prevented by anything other than greedy politicians who take money from the greedy insurance industry is ridiculous. We don't live as paupers, mate. I make more money here than I did in the U.S. and pay less taxes. My quality of life has greatly improved since moving here and that mostly has to do with excellent social services. And no I don't wait days to see a doctor. I make same day appoints all the time with no problem. You're b
  8. I think what you've seen this last week is what you get. Plenty of blocks. Not many rebounds.
  9. Going to try my best here: it's kind of like when a patisserie no longer wants one of their undesirable baguettes and throws it in the dumpster while accepting their losses. Then another boulanger digs through the dumpster and gladly pulls out that baguette because he has too many croissants at his shop. Hope that helps 😉
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