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  1. Ya that would have been a walk through. Why does Ekeler get penalized for the fumble at the end there? Allen pitched it but ekeler never had control. Edit: Nevermind, ESPN corrected itself I believe.
  2. The Packers can't tackle and have horrible coverage. Packers defense sucks and I'm a Packers fan.
  3. McKinnon Funchess Fuller Mack Agholor Peterson(tough to say with nothing under his belt)
  4. Hello everyone, I have Demarco and considering to trade for AP. Pretty stagnant with Demarco but the upside for AP could be great. What do y'all think?
  5. Should that lost fumble be counted as points for Eagles the defense? Because I need the 2 points!
  6. It's a Monday night showdown...points are about to happen!!
  7. With John Brown out, who is the likely #2 or who would you pick up if both are available?
  8. Holy crap! That's some good information. Are you sure you're not his agent? Thanks for that write up. I'm fully relieved now!! I have no doubt that he is motivated. I'm just concerned about his physical play and athleticism. We shall see but what I've been hearing, he's looks good to the naked eye on TV.
  9. Good question...maybe because of lack of carries in pre-season but of course it's just pre-season. Granted I haven't seen him during those carries to see how he moves. Also, a year off and a year older.
  10. Thanks for chiming in! I was looking at Lynch and I'm beginning to worry he might not be the starting RB or get as much carries.
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