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  1. Here’s what I think lol I don’t hate the pick, but had a chance to get him later.
  2. Goodell kind of sounds like Bob Odenkirk.
  3. The look on Mac Jones face should be made in to a meme.
  4. I predict the Raiders will draft someone they could have gotten in the 2nd or 3rd round at pick 17. Though they need help everywhere so might be hard to screw up.
  5. I said “I hope they don’t mess up the grass”, to my wife. Made me age 5 years:(
  6. Would be cool to see Brady win a SB with a different team, Manning is the only Qb to do so. But the combination of Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce has on fire the past few weeks. Chiefs win this one comfortably 38-24.
  7. Well at least we can all still take the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl after our morning coffee. No way they’re doing it on their own.
  8. Could have been worse. Could’ve been a 6-10 team.
  9. Oh no, believe me, she’s absolutely god awful. I’m just saying Sudfeld is a 1000x worse than Brittany Spears singing. That’s how bad he is.
  10. Brittany Spears is 1000x better as a singer than Sudfeld is as an athlete. And I have no love for her music. I’m almost positive most of us could go out, throw an int, fumble, then fall down like a clown. No clue how this guy is on an NFL roster.
  11. That sneak f’d me up a bit. Thought that Baker hit the hole so hard he turned in to a black dude. Then I realized Baker fumbled and Hunt recovered and advanced the ball. Whew.
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