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  1. Because Gordon is a better athlete then D.Robinson, and Hardman
  2. My #1 WW now KC was the only team I would take a chance on
  3. I like N.Folk for Patriots but have a feeling he'll get cut after this week
  4. LoL it's going to be that kind year for me when I sit Gordon he goes off and when I start him he puts up duds. Well I'm sitting him this week good luck you guys
  5. I know it's a Sunday night game Rodgers loves playing against SF hell he always wanted to be on the team. But it's 49ers first home game of the year that defense will ball out
  6. Cool well I hope he does good for you going to bench him next 2 weeks have fun and goodluck 😎
  7. Well because last year when he face 49ers they where missing half of their Defense and putting up stats against a poor lions Defense that was missing 2 CBs. 49ers a whole lot better then Lions
  8. Idk about to sit him until he proves can't afford another dud 3 weeks in a row
  9. Hoping but probably 60 yards 4 catches 30 yards hopefully a TD
  10. Lol I played him on tickets but not as captain watch him explode for a 50+ TD
  11. Yes he is the punt returner. But he's not the KR tho
  12. Can this thread be locked since its the wrong thread correct one is down below
  13. Yes playing him over J.Jones this week
  14. I don't think Rodgers cares anymore to play in a Packers uniform
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