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  1. You can obsess about his past lack of production all you want but the bottom line is he is an elite athlete in a prolific offense with 3 down skills. Only threat would be competition, but carlos is washed up and darwin is a small back from a small school
  2. You must play with complete amateurs if henry is there in the 5th and hyde in the 11th
  3. Hyde vs jax davis @ dal std scoring leaning hyde bc start your studs
  4. Hyde @ jac semaje vs denver m davis @ dallas all bad matchups who would you start leaning semaje bc of game script
  5. Does anyone have an explanation for that abomination of a performance. Not a single catch??? This guy used to be a top 3 te
  6. Shady stepped up big in the week that matters lol. Good matchups going forward especially next week but petermans production determines his ceiling
  7. Josh looks unstoppable out there why in the world did he only get 6 targets?!
  8. Jesus even the long snapper is tougher than DJ
  9. That first sentence is probably the single dumbest thing I've ever heard on these forums. You're logic is legally retarded.
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