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  1. Up by 10 with nothing left .. and going against the bears d and thielen so I need a miracle pretty much
  2. I would def want that trade ... Carson and claypool sound great
  3. I like dk ...he gets consistent big time down the field targets ... https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/828446-trade-question-whir/
  4. Who wins this trade ... Zeke For Cook and Ekeler I feel on the surface I would rather have cook and Ekeler but injuries and poor records could spell trouble down the line for coo and Ekeler where as zeke is at least fighting for playoffs and is healthy what you guys think
  5. Need singletary not to score 16 in ppr ... Put it 50/50 for a win or lose
  6. Did I say drake automatically will get it together... No so you misquoted me Did I say another rb who bust makes drake bust no I didn't you misquoted me Did I say he is a league winner no you misquoted me So pretty much your replying to nothing I said ... So why did you even qoute me
  7. Obviously ... Because if mixon and Henry were drake than we would be having some black mirror twilight zone stuff going on The coaching staff believes in him ... Mixon struggled to produce till last week .... Than got your a 40 ... Unless your 0-4 and need to take drastic measures than relax .. take a deep breath .. grab a budweiser .. smoke some weed and chill ... Dude is going for 25 in ppr this week
  8. OBJ and cooks ... I like It ... Though I have never had a falcon on my fantasy teams and never will ... Go saints
  9. D Parker For DJ Moore Who wins this trade
  10. I'm thinking 10 carries 120 yards and 2 tds 4 catches 47 yards and a touchdown 1 pass 31 yards and a touchdown
  11. Watson .... Jacobs ate saints run d alive I would imagine that the Packers will try to do the same and no adams
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