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  1. Not an I told you so moment, but looks like Watson was the beneficiary of the "Godwin" routea.
  2. I am. The Bears will be forced to throw it to do anything, but Miller has started to eat into plenty of ARob's share, even in garbage time.
  3. If you need the bigger upside, I'd go with Boone. I dont think neither Ameer or Hamm takes very many touches from him. The question is will he produce with all of those touches.
  4. I would go Boone. Just when you think you have the 49ers running game figured out, a different RB gets the carries. Besides, Boone has a great matchup anyway.
  5. My concern with Winston is that they only scored 1 TD on offense after Godwin went down. This could be that they were already far enough ahead, but their scoring definitely slowed down. I think I'd go with Brees and his full stable of studs.
  6. I think its important to determine what you need. If you're favored take Boone, if you're the dawg, take Fuller.
  7. I think you have to be, unless you have another top 10 option. I'm hoping for 120 total w/ 2 TDs.
  8. I would roll with KC. They seem healthier tight now and Trubisky is always good for a few sacks/ints.
  9. I think I'd have to go Boone. He should get 20-25 touches and Perriman is due for TD regression.
  10. In a full PPR, please pick 2:White vs Bills -- great target share in week 4 vs BillsPerriman vs Texans -- Weather should be fine.Fuller vs Bucs -- pulled hammy on deck?ARob vs KC -- Trubisky will need to keep throwingEdelman vs Bills -- injuries piling upAJ Brown vs Saints -- Lattimore shadow
  11. Thanks to all those that responded! To all those that didn't respond, after I contributed an answer on their post, and then didn't return the favor...EAD! 😂
  12. I think it depends how much you're penalized for pts/yds allowed...I'd probably go with Broncos at home though.
  13. It's closer in a standard league...I think I'd go with AP, and would expect him to get 100 combo yds and 1 td. Brown will get you close to 100 yds, but I don't think he'll score.
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