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  1. If you don't have any decent alternatives, I'd definitely put him in right away. If you do have other decent OF's, I'd sit him for a week while he shakes off the rust and to make sure he doesn't aggravate his back.
  2. Is there a reason he can't hit 5th or 6th? He seems to have some decent pop to drive in runs. It's not like he's Billy Hamilton or something.
  3. I bet he secretly wishes he could go back in time and accept whatever the best offer was 2 months ago. Since he can't, he has to double down on the "this is what I'm worth" talk. Too bad you're only worth what that market is willing to pay.
  4. I made the mistake of dropping him last year right before he got hot. He'll be in my lineup unless he a.) is injured or b.) the cardinals bench him. He's the type of guy where the minute you bench him he'll hit 5 homers that week. If ends up sucking all year I'll go down with the ship.
  5. I dropped him. He's been pretty bad the last couple of weeks (though he did have a 5 rbi game a few days ago). I think his #'s will be decent at the end of the year but I think we've already seen the best. I'm just not buying a complete turnaround at age 35. The only thing that made me hesitate is he's got two really nice table setters in Merrifield and Mondesi.
  6. He really hasn't been that bad so far. More mediocre than anything. He's got the same amount of the runs and rbi's as JD Martinez.
  7. I think 2017 is the new normal. Anyone who drafted him this year in the 10-12th round got a huge discount.
  8. This guy is streaky as hell. He'll put an entire season's worth of stats in like 3 or 4 weeks. You can't sit him or drop him because if you miss one of those weeks than you held on to him during the down times for nothing.
  9. Colome has quietly been solid so far. Seems like a prime candidate to get traded to a contender at some point and turn into a setup man.
  10. 4.33 era and 1.29 whip isn't atrocious. Not great by any means but not atrocious. His numbers were really nice before that last start which was most likely attributed to the thumb injury. Not sure how he injured it but it doesn't seem serious. Considering the amount of slop that's on the waiver wire right now he's a no brainer add.
  11. I dropped him. The thing that pushed me over the edge is even whe's good, he's not that good. Decent era/whip but that's it. His lack of k's really hurts his value. You can probably pick him back up in a couple of weeks if he turns it around.
  12. There's been a lot of good talent on the waiver wire to start the year. I'm in no real hurry for him to come back until he's 100%. I think the Yanks need him more than us fantasy owners.
  13. Lame. That must have been one hell of a hbp.
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