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  1. Alrighty guys I've got everything set except 2 slots. Thanks for the help earlier this week! Need 2 out of this group, 1PPR M Boone D Freeman M Mack AJ Brown
  2. Victim of too many options. Need 1 for my flex. Who's my championship hero? 1 PPR. M Sanders AJ Brown M Boone (If Cook & Mattison out) D Washington R Mostert R Woods
  3. Considering starting AJ Brown vs Houston over Devante Adams vs Chicago.....Have I gone completely off the reservation or what?! 1PPR.
  4. Full PPR. Who ya got? Ideally if Jacob's is out I like Waller, but won't know until 3 (game time decision) and Doyle plays at noon....BAHH!
  5. Full PPR. Struggling with this last roster spot, who ya got?! Ole Walrus loaded in the TE slot.
  6. The struggle is real on this one for me in a must win week. 1PPR. Drop me a link, I'll help ya out.
  7. I picked up Bonnafon a couple weeks ago for Mcaffery insurance. Now the Panthers go off and pick up Mike Davis.... Is Bonnafon still the handcuff or is Davis the guy to hold? Or just say to hell with it and use the roster spot for depth other places? Bahh!! Drop me a link I'll help ya out! Slow night for me.
  8. I like keeping Sutton, his new QB has potential. I also would definitely trade Chark, don't just dump him. You should be able to get a return on investment for him!
  9. Who would ya roll? Kittle down!.....Kittle in distress!!....
  10. Grab the Steelers if available, juicy schedule!!
  11. Offer is on the table. J Jacobs/Godwin for my Carson/Penny/Lockett I'm actually thinking about accepting on the basis of both Jacobs/Godwin are past byes, and both seem to have good playoff schedules. Also a bit concerned about Carson's fumbleitas again last week... What does everyone think? Hold what I got or take it? .5 PPR Here's my roster. Start 2 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex QB: Winston, Rivers, Carr RB: C McCaffery, C Carson, L Fournette, J White, R Bonnafon, R Penny, R Armstead WR: Hill, Lockett, E Sanders, M Gallup, T Boyd TE: Kittle K:
  12. I like it man. I sent Hopkins/Aaron Jones for CMC/Boyd yesterday just for some perspective.
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