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  1. He shot 78% on 3.3 FT attempts per game (39/50 total). That doesn't seem like someone who will drag your FT significantly. Currently shooting at 75% on 4 attempts.
  2. https://twitter.com/AdamSpolane/status/1365438308931801091?s=19
  3. Can't judge a rookie who's been playing professionally and just arrived from France to get his work visa sorted out after just one game.
  4. Bounce back from the past 2 disappointung fantasy seasons? Normally, you bounce back after failing to live up to expectations, which Kyle Anderson has failed to do the past 2 years. If you've been watching MEM games even in the preseason, KA has been more assertive offensively compared to the past 2 seasons.
  5. Check out his preseason numbers. This is a bounce back year for SloMo
  6. Wiseman from three: 3/3 Rest of Warriors from three: 7/40 Golden State needs to bring in some help for Wiseman.
  7. What a half by Wiseman after oicki g up 2 fouls un the first 4 minutes. His outside shooting is for real. Defensive potential is there. He was even defending Giannis in the 1st quarter Draymond and Curry are spending time teaching him during the game.
  8. Someone's bitter and can't jerk off because he missed out on Wiseman in his drafts. 😂
  9. He's going undrafted mostly. Currently owned in 7% of leagues only. He's been underwhelming since moving to Memphis. However, he's had a sneakily good preseason. 12.3ppg 6.3rpg 1.8bpg 2.0treys in less than 22 minutes a game. Could this be the year he returns to Top 75 value again? He's definitely worth a flyer towards the latter part of drafts.
  10. Based on his Twitter, he's had multiple one-on-one interviews with NBA players, and most of his reports are for the Hawks.
  11. It is his contract year, so thata one thing working for his owners.
  12. It's the Knicks. They'll do what's unlikely.
  13. Reading through Raptors' boards, the general impression they have from the first 2 preseason games are: 1) OG is nothing special. His ball handling is still mediocre. 2) Stanley Johnson, McCaw, and RHJ are absolute trash. 3) You're correct, Terrence Davis and Boucher seem to have potential. 4) Norman Powell seems to be the one who will take the giant leap this season, and not OG who all fans initially thought would make the MIP-Siakam-type leap.
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