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  1. Both have good matchups but I’d take Ryan slightly. help with mine please
  2. Hurst all day with no Julio. Ryan, Colts D is legit. help with mine please
  3. Gio, Moss and Breida. help with mine please
  4. Half point. Already have Adams and Ridley locked in but I need two of the three between Ekeler, Moss and Pittman. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, answered yours. I would but the only one who needs a QB is the guy with Cam but he just dropped him for Stafford. Doubt he would be wiling to give up much for Brees. No one puts any value on QBs in our league aside from the top 2-3 guys.
  6. Who are your either WRs? Tough to say without knowing your team
  7. Let me explain. I already had Joshua Kelley, I drafted him, but I just dropped him to pick up Zack Moss, who was just dropped in my league. Kelley hasn't done much the past 3-4 games but I have Ekeler and it looks like he may be out longer than though, so I am re-thinking the Kelley drop. Only other player Im considering dropping is Brees, as I have Josh Allen and I can just stream a QB in week 11 on Allen's bye. Should I drop Brees to pick Kelley back up or let him go?
  8. Not even close. He was seeing like 20 touches a game when they weren't trailing last few weeks. Besides, if something happens to Ekeler, Kelley becomes a very valuable player.
  9. Well, not having the best WR in football on the field will do that to a QB...
  10. Its been more than two games lol. Allen was the 6th highest scoring fantasy QB last season, with garbage WRs and a suspect O line. He actually has a top 10 WR to throw to now. Hes easily a top 5 fantasy QB this year.
  11. Why are you guys dropping Brees? You can probably trade him on name alone. Im sure you could probably get someone like Tannehill for him and that's a steal. I would be trying to trade him harder if I didnt already have Allen.
  12. Cant believe people are STILL sleeping on Tannehill. Hes the 3rd highest scoring fantasy QB (behind only Lamar and Mahomes) since week 8 of last season. I have Brees on my bench and would drop him in a heartbeat if I could get Tannehill. Do not drop him for Brees, that's nuts.
  13. Streamer? Why do people keep sleeping on Tannehill? Dude has been the 3rd highest scoring fantasy QB (behind only Lamar and Mahomes) since week 8 of last season. Hes not a streamer, he should be owned and starting every week.
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