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  1. I just wanted to pop in because even in the irrelevant 5th place game, my opponent is having the week of their lives (a recurring theme all year). It's unreal how bad my points against was, but last week I played the highest scorer of the week to get eliminated (I would've beaten any of the other playoff teams easily) and now in the 5th place game I glanced at the score and just laugh. He's already used Waller, Melvin Gordon and has Aaron Jones going. It's just more salt to add to the wound lol. Can't wait till this crap is just officially over.
  2. One more thing to sign off on...I just think it's hilarious and appropriate for Fantasy Football that on a team with Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay Saquon Barkley (I know.he was hurt early but he was my 1st rd pick) Russell Wilson and "breakout" guys like Dionte Johnson, James Robinson, and Justin Jefferson, the two of my highest scorers when it mattered the most were...TY HILTON AND DAVID MONTGOMERY
  3. I'm just glad I'm down 22 and not like 4-5 points needing Johnson
  4. What a fitting end to my season..Dionte is benched LMAO
  5. Love how the Week started off with my opponent switching out Godwin for Cam Akers right before the Thursday Night Game..then Friday Julio is Ruled Out..then comes the big teases..opponent leaves Cooks in his lineup AND Montgomery starts the day off with an 80 yard TD (!!!!) but not even a minute later herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre's AJ Brown to shut that up and then Henry starts just destroying me. Everything looks Bleak until in the afternoon game I get two quick TY and Russ TD's..hey might be in this! Nah..Rodgers ends up with 3 Passing and 1 Rushing (I had Rodgers last year when he was a POS..fitting
  6. This is me too, playing the same guy who has AJ Brown/Henry stack two weeks in a row. Last week in the regular season final, I destroyed him by 80+ points, predictably the script is flipped and my team is crapping the bed and he's gonna cruise to victory. BOTH weeks he had a zero in his lineup (last week CEH, this week Cooks), the only week that matters, it won't affect him
  7. Man Alive do I HATE this game..opponent has cooks in his lineup and then I get a David Montgomery 80 yard TD off the BAT..making me think I might have a shot at this..seconds later AJ Brown TD and absolutely nothing from the rest of my team, while AJ Brown and Derrick Henry continue to go off. He also already played Akers. So he's probably going to win with a zero in his lineup LOL.
  8. 1/2 Pt PPR so I lost Julio this week and have TY to replace him. But with news that Brandin Cooks is out, Chad Hansen seems intriguing. I'm already an underdog thanks to Cam Akers going off. Should I stay with TY or take a chance with Hansen?
  9. Yep..great start to my 1st rd matchup..opponent before the game inserts Akers into his lineup. I have a feeling it's the beginning of my end
  10. 12 Team 1/2 Pt PPR Offense Only Keeper League. No Defense/Kickers.Br We get to keep two players each year at where we drafted them. My Keepers were Saquon (RD 1) and Hopkins (RD 3).Also 6th seed is determined by points not record, which this year is a godsend for me because I led the league in points but had a 5-8 record. Points against was horrific and worst in the league by far. Injuries also tried their best to deter my team each week. I went 11 straight weeks with some kind of in game injury, and that doesn't even count guys ruled out before the week like Julio, Dionte, Golladay, Montgomer
  11. Thank the lord our league determines 6th seed by points instead of record. 5-8 record but Lead the league in scoring (worst points against by a huge margin, pretty much every team in our league had their best game against me then regressed back) and will make the playoffs as the 6th seed.
  12. [...] I know he's been mediocre but I still can't get myself to start a Tribusky/Spot Start type over him, especially in the playoffs. [...] I''m pretty sure I'll still be rolling with him but I'm definitely a lot more nervous than I was a couple weeks ago
  13. 6th seed is based on points. Currently up 28 points with Deonte Johnson left vs the next closest team who has Raheem Moestert. 1/2 point PPR. Just need Raheem not to outscore that and I"m in
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