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  1. That whole goal line sequence sent me into the Twilight Zone
  2. My team is ravaged by injuries. I’m gonna need to do some dumpster diving because there are no good free agents in my league 😂
  3. Carson and Ertz owner, still only lost by .4, I’m usually unlucky in Championship games but takes the cake.
  4. Panthers run d can’t stop a nosebleed; but we must let Brissett pad his garbage stats today
  5. Then back to trying to throw on 1st down and Brissett taking a 9 yard sack LOL. What a guru Reich is
  6. Wow Reich, it’s almost as if feeding Mack is working. 😡
  7. Conservative as hell. You would think they were up 21
  8. I came in to post this. Why the **** are they throwing the ball?
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