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  1. Looking ahead to Colts D on bye next week. Chiefs would be free to pick up now. They have Den and NYJ the next two weeks. Other options are Browns vs Cin, Giants vs Phi, and Chargers vs Jax Thoughts?
  2. [...] He should be in good position this week though so holding on one more week isn’t a bad idea. I don’t see this being a catch up game like the past 3 weeks have been.
  3. Yeah same and SF should be tough on Kyler. I’m hoping Lazard has a quiet week and I can pick him up again next week.
  4. Thats what I’m worried about, knowing my luck Lazard will have a great day. But my opponent just had Fuller and Butker do well for him so I feel like I may need every point I can get. It’s a tough one.
  5. Qb: Kyler Rb: Cooks, Conner, Moss, Mattison WR: Adams, Woods, Gallup, Kirk, Lazard I don’t love Kyler’s matchup vs SF and considering dropping Lazard for Roethlisberger to play him Sunday. Good move or should I hang on to Lazard as a cuff for Adams?
  6. Team I’m playing against already dropped 150 on me by the afternoon game and projected most points in our league. Ever.
  7. Getting crushed by Saquon, Lockett and NE D. All players that had been on a downward spiral along with the team I’m playing against until today. Yay.
  8. This is where I’m at too. He’s quietly been the wr11 since week 10.
  9. Struggling here - Deebo has been more consistent with points but Brown has the better matchup and ceiling with the potential to bust. PPR. Thoughts?
  10. Yeah it seems obvious looking at the most recent numbers who to pick but the name value of Russell Wilson vs. Tannehill hinders judgement.
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