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  1. Which has the safer floor? Am leaning towards Adams.
  2. I did the same thing. Thought Cutler would start. Was not expecting MIA to implode like they did. Watch PHI struggle against SF on Sunday.
  3. First year doing fantasy baseball. I did not draft a good team. My best pitchers and hitters came off waivers. My team has struggled mightily since July. Finished season in 2nd and got a much needed 1st rd bye. Eliminated a super team in the semifinals last week. He had Giancarlo Stanton. His team was hitting about 20HRs a week for a while. His entire team went cold on him all at once. Championship week I am up 14-1-1 going into Sunday against the 1st place team. He was a heavy favorite to win it all going into the playoffs. His team is hitting only .210 with 5HRs. My pitching in the playoffs has been great with a 2.6 ERA. Unless something crazy happens I will win the championship on Sunday.
  4. I dropped Carpenter for him, no regrets there. He's been hitting lately so I may spot start him this week.
  5. Update today said that they are skipping him in the rotation so he won't be pitching on Monday. Hope they change their mind.
  6. And Nola is facing the Marlins for a 3rd time in 5 starts on Wednesday. He gave up a total of 13 runs over his last two outings against them. Not good at all. Can't start him in that spot.
  7. I should have dropped this guy for Zunino when I had the chance. The only reason I'm still holding on is because I have a 1st round bye. There are plenty of ww catchers playing better than him right now. Hopefully Perez figures it out soon.
  8. I agree. He is a low ERA pitcher who gets you strikeouts and QS. Does not give up many HRs. He's been consistent as hell over the last 6 weeks. Over his last 9 games he has 9 Quality Starts and has only given up a total of 12 runs across 61.1 innings (1.76 ERA). His ERA has dropped from 4.76 down to an elite 3.12.
  9. Not gonna lie, his statline on Sunday was good. However, that was also his only hit all week in 5 games. Without the HR potential his value just isn't what it used to be.
  10. Suzuki and Martin are easily the two best options. Suzuki has only 13 starts since July 2 but also has 8 HRs in that span. I would add Suzuki even though he only plays about 3 games most weeks. Do you think Perez is really going to miss a month?
  11. Carp also has 20 runs and 24 walks since June 24. The only reason he is still on a lot of our teams is because he is a 3 position player. I have hardly played him at all over the past 4 weeks and am looking to replace him.
  12. He has only 3 HRs in his last 5 games. Without the holes in his swing he could have had 5. The way he's been swinging the bat he should hit 40 HRs easy...already has 31.
  13. He is struggling to hit off some of the worst pitchers in the league. Could really use some production from him on Sunday.
  14. The Dodgers "planned" to send Cody Bellinger back down to the minors in May. Baltimore had no intention of playing Trey Mancini everyday either. In baseball, nothing is set in stone. A team CAN'T bench a hot hitter. The Orioles are only 3 games behind KC for a Wild Card spot. If Beckham has another good week Hardy will be the utility player two weeks from now.
  15. I just added this guy a few days ago. Change of venue has done wonders. Beckham is playing out of his mind right now. Over the last 4 games he is hitting 11/16 (.687) with 5 runs, 2 HRs, and 4 RBI. If the rest of the Orioles start to hit he could have a monster final 2 months.
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