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  1. He's not an add for me yet. Just don't trust him to play more than 15 mins a game for the foreseeable future. But definitely a guy to keep an eye towards end of march and early April
  2. Hayes has been utter trash this. And he’s far from a lock to be back. No worries at all. Delon is a beast
  3. Silver lining is the All-Star break will be within this timeframe. he should be ready to roll right after the break
  4. Not yet. Wait a week and see how he does. You shouldn't expect him to play more than 10-15 mins initially.
  5. Agreed. As long as they rest him until the break and nip this in the bud. I'm cool with it, need Delon down the stretch
  6. Got offered vucevic for KAT. Auto rejected it. HOLD THE LINE!
  7. If we're talking about all of those players prospect pedigree, Wander comes out in front by a good margin. He is being dubbed as the greatest prospect ever. Obviously those guys have far exceeded their prospect billing (especially Soto) and who knows how Franco will. I am just talking about how they players were viewed prior to playing an MLB game.
  8. I believe MLK Day return was speculation by a grizzlies blogger. The team never said anything, and clearly they intended to take it super slow from the start.
  9. If he didn't want to play... he wouldn't be playing right now. Simple. KAT will not get shutdown, he prides himself on being out on the court. He played all season long in 16, 17, 18 and 19 even when the wolves were out of contention. "Shutdown risk" is the most overused term in fantasy, and it so rarely happens that you are setting yourself up for failure if you try to be proactive about it. Dealing a top 5 player? No thanks.
  10. You stay with KAT. You take the top 5 production. Stop overthinking it. Obviously his wrist is not 100%, they said it would be 6-8 for him to be back to normal. Good news is that playing through will not affect the healing and KAT is still putting up elite production even if his wrist is in a bit of pain. He ditched the cast so things are trending in the right direction at least
  11. This. 100%. Kelenic is amazing. But Wander is generational.
  12. Even more encouraging is that he has been an elite control-artist throughout his career. A lot of those walks came before his IL stint where he was pitching through tricep discomfort. There's even more upside to what we saw last year as his walk rate normalizes and his sequencing gets better.
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