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  1. Yeah, that's true for sure. But as I mentioned, last year was completely different with Searage and the old heads out of the picture. What he's doing right now isn't completely different from what he showed last year.
  2. Hiura has a hole in his swing and pitchers are exploiting it to nth degree. Combine this with a clear confidence issue with Hiura... he's tough to roster right now. I have faith a quality hitter like him will eventually figure it out, but this year may be a write-off.
  3. Huge red flags with Paddack: The fastball is still off. And he has zero confidence in the curve/cutter. He is essentially a one pitch guy (and the worst pitch to have as a one-pitch guy is a change-up). And most concerning.... his typically great command has been very poor though out spring and first start.
  4. The "get-out-of-Pittsburgh" thing is fun. But the regime that traded Musgrove is different than the one responsible for the blunders of Cole/Glasnow etc. There are a lot of factors going into the Musgrove we are seeing right now. The Musgrove breakout started in late 2019 when he made a tweak to his arm action. Similar to Giolito and a lot of of other guys, he shortened his arm stroke and his velocity played up. In addition to having a more potent fastball (typically his weakest offering); he relied on his best offerings more in the slider and curve. Combine this increased velocity and e
  5. Last I heard, on opening day he was doing "light jogging" and hitting in the cage. So he shouldn't be too far. Maybe a late-april return? I've always liked Rodgers and hope this is the year he breaks out. Any top prospect in Coors is a worthy bet.
  6. No-one hates Soto, hes the best hitter in the game. But these types of posts are just confirmation bias. You have to consider a player's floor as well as ceiling.
  7. Calf injuries can be tricky. I remember years ago Donaldson was day-to-day and proceeded to miss a majority of the year with calf issues. And of course judge last year. It should bump him down too much, but something to monitor for sure.
  8. I already have Betts and Turner in the conversation with Soto simply due to the scarcity of speed, and this calf issue (even assuming it's minor) is a tie-breaker for me. I'd still probably take him over Trout however.
  9. He had a couple goaltends if that’s any consolation
  10. I traded harden for Moses, how'd I do?
  11. Easily. The floor is so high. Anyone freaking out over the ST stats of a guy whose worst season saw a 3.03 ERA is doing it wrong. Big wrong.
  12. Imagine a prime Aaron Judge year. But with a 15% k rate instead of 30%. That’s what Vlad is capable of. The ceiling is so very high. And the floor figures to be a .800 OPS guy in one of the deepest lineups in baseball. Stop the hate, folks.
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