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  1. Chase Claypool seems like a no brainer, but Tee Higgins and Henry Ruggs are also out there. Thoughts?
  2. Tough one but I would go with Gaskins against a terrible Jets D Help a brother out
  3. Chark for sure. You never really know with him Help a brother out
  4. Looks great to me. Only Question would be Ingram since Lamar is hobbled. Help a brother out
  5. Tough one. You can count on Cam to run for at least one TD. He seems like the better floor. Hard to say what Lamar is going to do. Help a brother out
  6. Damn. Hurst runs a lot of routes. I have him too and just waiting for him to go off. Help a brother out
  7. Gaskin against a terrible defense Help a brother out
  8. Robinson for sure. He's going to eat Help a brother out
  9. Magic to put up some points against the Jets Help a brother out
  10. Need one in PPR- Robert Woods- playing 49ers, above average against WRs JuJu- playing Cleveland, been a bust so far but Cleveland secondary sucks Terry Mclaurin- playing Giants, facing their one tough corner and will probably be a low scoring game WHIR
  11. Can't decide if I hold on to him and see how he plays out. With Singletary and Josh Allen running all over the place, his outlook seems a little bleak right now. I'm in a PPR so Hines might be a decent add. I worry about Snell sharing with the rest of the bench. And that's if Conner is actually hurt. My other RBs are Edwards-Hellaire, Mixon, and D Montgomery. Thoughts?
  12. I like AJB. He has been a stud. Thanks for mine
  13. I like Mack but that's tough to go away from Jones Help with mine
  14. I would go Washington and Boone. Help with my Boone problem
  15. Tough one. I am in a similar situation. I think I'd go Washington. Help with my Boone problem
  16. Tough one. I would go with Boone Help me with my Boone problem
  17. Definitely Adams Allen and Parker Thanks for mine
  18. I would stick with Sander also Help me out with my Boone problem
  19. I would go Ekeler Help me out with my Boone problem
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