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  1. Andy ******** Dalton putting up a 40-piece to basically seal up the win against me in the ship.
  2. LMAO... So close, Wilson... Missed XP... Maybe we'll get OT.
  3. Definitely one of my best waiver wire pick ups ever. Dude was solid. [...]
  4. This is setting up nicely for at least one more nice Kittle catch and hopefully another 25+ yards and hopefully another TD from Wilson.
  5. What high snowfall? NWS is predicting flurries and no accumulation. It will be cold. Wind only 6-10 mph today decreasing to calm tonight. I don't think the weather affects much, IMO.
  6. Is Cook hurt? Minnesota apparently didn't want to win very badly. They haven't given him enough touches.
  7. Idk what to think about this guy ROS but I'm glad I have a 1st round BYE this week to see what happens one more time before I have to make a decision.
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