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  1. If there's a time to play him it's now. Nothing in his underlying numbers suggests a meaningful change that will see him put up better stats than in the past, so I'm expecting the usual from him. But he is a historically streaky player who seems to thrive at home, so if you're gambling on catching him on a hot streak then now is the time.
  2. This is exactly what happened the last time he came back from the DL: struggled with reduced velo. But after an adjustment period, he dominated. I sat him for his return just in case this happened again (although truthfully if it wasn't HOU I probably would've started him bc I'm desperate as an Archer and McCullers owner), and I'll see how things are going this week in my matchup before I decide on starting. Let's hope he can bounce back quicker this time around. But if you have good alternatives, give it another week.
  3. No one knows. Highly doubtful, I would speculate. The Reds have nothing to play for right now.
  4. Ya, I considered him but he was just recently picked up in my league.
  5. At the end of the day, Billy Hamilton wasn't giving me average. Maybin won't match his steals and runs totals, but he's the guy available who'll come closest so I think I'll go with him. Once Yahoo gets it together and lists Hamilton as on the DL...
  6. Yeah, I'm h2h so I have to think about the playoffs unfortunately. Your reasoning above is pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Maybin has had two good months and has been awful since the break, but he has the longest track record of success of the bunch. Zimmer is a rook and could make an adjustment back, but I can't take that risk right now. Broxton just doesn't make enough contact.
  7. Let me get the obligatory saltiness out of the way first: I drafted Hamilton as part of a plan to own the steals, runs, and triples cats, and now this BS. At least I lucked into Marte when an impatient owner dropped him during the suspension. Anyway, who y'all picking up as a replacement? I think I need to replace the speed, so I'm choosing between Maybin, Mallex Smith, Broxton, and Zimmer. Margot if you think he'll start running more. I'm leaning toward Maybin.
  8. The slider was my main concern. But it's also not just innings pitched that need to be looked at, it's total pitches. Archer is not an efficient pitcher.
  9. I want to believe the team when they say it's muscular and not structural, but Archer's usage has been HEAVY in recent years, and "forearm tightness" often portends elbow damage. I really need him for the playoffs, since I was relying on him and Paxton to anchor my rotation and Paxton is hurt.
  10. I agree about the lack of patience and overreaction to inevitable slumps from some posters, but your comment would be impactful during Zimm's slump and not when he's hot again lol.
  11. This. Take actualized talent 9 times out of 10. Just go back and look at previous top prospect lists and see the bust rate. I'm not Unless you're looking at a prospect whose a Strasburg-like talent, take a guy like Lance at a low price when you can to mitigate your risk.
  12. Absolutely agree with that. Contact/approach are main things I look at (FB/GB, discipline) if trying to determine if it's a likely true effect when there's only a small sample size to work with. But like you said, not much to choose from at this point in the year, so he seems like a solid bet.
  13. I take Detroit hard contact rates with a grain of salt now. They seem to run a bit hot. Seems like EVERYONE there hits the ball hard, to the point that it doesn't support their results. Further, JD Martinez has seen a drop in hard contact since leaving. That said, Mahtook looks good so he could still be legit.
  14. If you can get him low in a keeper league, go for it. The talent is absolutely there to be one of the better pitchers in the league. He's shown that this year. But I wouldn't overpay for him given the risk isn't low.
  15. Any Nats fans in here? I'm trying to optimize my lineup for today, and I want to keep Zimm in there after last night's performance. But if I do, and he's given a rest day tonight, then I won't have a replacement on my bench since all my other eligible players are playing this afternoon. I went back into his game log, and he rarely is allowed to play more than 5 days straight (which he now has). The last time he did it was early June. It's later season now, so I'm wondering if they'll be extra cautious. But he just had a monster game after slumping for awhile, so I don't know. Help from those who follow the team would be appreciated!
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