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  1. I had Wilson and Gaskin on the bench and still won the ship! (D. Johnson + J. Jacobs) instead.
  2. Benched Wilson and Gaskin, it keeps getting better folks. See you guys next year.
  3. Oh, to add onto my Wilson rant. I watched Cast Away last night, and even though Tom Hanks is yelling at me "WILSON!" over and over, I still benched Jeff Wilson. He tried to tell me.... This is me today:
  4. Started David Johnson over Jeff Wilson, feels bad. If DJ doesn't get 11 targets last week, I would have started Jeff. DJ hasn't played yet, but yeah I think I definitely ****ed that one up.
  5. Yeah, odd thing to vent about considering Brady's final stats. So greedy.
  6. Hockenson is pretty tilting, so consistent all season only to turn to a pile of trash for the playoffs.
  7. Next year he's going to be money, definitely wouldn't risk playing him in the finals.
  8. It's almost 2021 and people still think Josh Gordon will be a thing. Gotta love it.
  9. Exactly, I was just thinking this today. This league has shown that it has very little concern over the entire situation, they just want people to think they do. Money > than health and safety. Start your best guys no matter what.
  10. Need Gus and Ebron to f--- off. Up by about 21.
  11. He definitely should have said something, that's for sure. But, in my opinion, he made the right move. First off, I'm really glad I don't play in any ESPN leagues. Second, I would be absolutely livid if I had to play against a quarterback in the TE slot. You guys had the one week of luxury to start him in the TE slot, that shouldn't be allowed to continue just because you didn't make any roster moves. It's a massive unfair advantage. It's pretty simple, if a player doesn't have eligibility to play in a certain position, it shouldn't be allowed. ESPN fantasy is trash.
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