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  1. There’s my choice for the week.....leaning Thielan I think safer floor
  2. Good team/bad problem to have. Need a flex: All KC guys vs Indy Sunday night.......Full PPR Hardman Demarcus Robinson Damien Williams Darrel Williams Maybe you guys will have better luck picking than I would
  3. I have the same decision with Shady McCoy thrown in & im torn also........curious to see opinions on it As of now I have Thielan in there
  4. Gurley gonna have 2 tds today.......start him and Lenny
  5. I’m starting him over David Montgomery this week.......rolling dice
  6. Try to get Lindsay or Miles Sanders after Howard went off thurs.
  7. Kirk/McLaurin kirk is avg double digit targets per game and McLaurin cause the nyg d is prob top 2 worst in the league
  8. PPR Thielan @ Bears McCoy @Lions Tough call imo, asking u guys for some clarity
  9. Rodgers vs Philly tonite Russell Wilson @ Arizona Pick one
  10. Damien Williams owner here. Is it worth dropping L Murray for Darrel Williams long term??
  11. Do I roll with Allen or pick up someone like: Stafford Brissett Rudolph
  12. PPR league Also have Diggs and McCoy to choose from
  13. Kupp/Fitzy......they’re steady scorers Hardman if u need possible bonus points or vs Mahomes.
  14. Just drop Landry for Chark and be done with it
  15. Need a WR3: Non-PPR Fuller @ Chargers DK Metcalf vs. Saints Hardman vs Ravens I was leaning Metcalf until I saw I was playing against Mahomes.......
  16. Who would start both these guys today? im thinking of going one at rb2 and the other at flex over Breida....... am I crazy??
  17. Need to flex one Also have Stefon Diggs but already start Thielan at wr2
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