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  1. No rookie running backs cracked the top 10 this year. That’s unusual
  2. Some might disagree but I think Ekeler deserves first round consideration. He was absolutely dominant when not splitting carries with Gordon.
  3. A cautionary tale to remind us to always start our studs
  4. Need 40.4 standard points from Boone Adams and Jones. Currently projected to lose by 4. Hoping for a high scoring MNF
  5. Steelers D sucking against the Jets. This is not going well
  6. Well naturally you’d start Julio over Cooper. But for most of us that isn’t the debate. Cooper is a start for me. I’m not wild about it but I’m hoping he gets a solid amount of targets against a vulnerable Eagles secondary
  7. Another vote Chark, Gallup (unless we here some bad news about Dak before kick off) and Washington. Thanks for the help with mine
  8. Love Brown. That’s the play. Wish I had him. Good luck.
  9. Tough call but leaning Sanders after Melvins recent bout of fumbleitis. Good luck
  10. Really tough call. As a Packers fan it pains me to say this but I think Mack is the play here. Good luck buddy!
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