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  1. Indeed. It could pay off though as the Colts D have given up the most 20+ plays in the league. Ross could hit paydirt on a long ball with all the attention on AJ. Pray for health though.
  2. Yes, AJ and Lafell will get the start in 2 wide sets, but I believe Ross will get an extensive look for a guy who hasn't played much thus far because Boyd and Core will be inactive.
  3. I think he'll play quite a bit with both wrs boyd and core out.
  4. Week 17? Hope it's not a cash league.
  5. Scored a td tonight. Spending half my remaining FAAB on him. Title, here I come!
  6. Because it is going to be heavy rain up and down the east coast all day sunday. Dalton has a cake matchup at home in dry weather vs a weak Indy secondary who also just lost hooker. You do you though. If you haven't noticed, I'm a skins fan. Thisn isnt a knock on Cousins. Just a situational approach.
  7. If you say so. I'm starting Dalton vs weak indy secondary at home over Cousins in s---y weather.
  8. I concur. This thread is getting outta hand.
  9. Well, I didn't write it and the guy said ASSUME. Don't kill the messenger.
  10. But dont these players get you to the playoffs in the first place, pal?
  11. Instead of cutler throwing the ball to the moon, i expect Ajayi to get more looks in the passing game.
  12. Yes indeedy. I scooped them up kn both leagues this week with the ravens offense looking rough and with injuries on top.
  13. all up and down the east coast. good time to sneak in a shady dst.
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