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  1. I mean my team would have been a title team if not for kamara , but some players that are likely on the title teams I had mahomes , cook , Kelce , Ridley , James Robinson , dobbins
  2. Chark , tyron Johnson, hardman or Meyers
  3. Dobbins , pollard or wait for Allen news and roll out tyron Johnson ?
  4. Went up against kamara and Godwin . You can’t make it up
  5. Do I roll Wilson out instead of waiting until Sunday for dobbins (Ingram active ?) or pollard ? Is Wilson’s ceiling high enough to justify the play as floors don’t matter right now after kamaras day
  6. Cooks points fell off last year in the fantasy playoffs as well . I’m fading on him next year , team stinks and usage is too much early on that he’s just not that effective in week 16 . it’s not his fault their line gets abused every year but as long as Rodgers is around and the bears and lurking this team isn’t going to be playing for much when you need it.
  7. If you got kamaraed you might as roll Wilson out over types like dobbins . Wilson just had a higher ceiling even with the 49ers rb usage being random plus it’s on Saturday. You can’t wait to hear on Sunday about dobbins (Ingram active ?) or pollard etc just gotta roll Wilson and hope that besides a td he also gets a few catches . Maybe he gets a few goaline tds
  8. Can’t believe karama is going to beat my team in the finals . I had it all . Mahomes , cook , Ridley , Kelce , James Robinson. granted his team is no slouch with jl guys like Lamar Jackson, miles sanders , Godwin and arob but man I really got the fantasy shaft nights like tonight make me want to stop playing , my family would be happy if I quit
  9. would you change the starters, if so who? QB- Mahomes - RB- Cook, Robinson WR- Ridley, Chark TE- Kelce Flex - Dobbins Bench - Wilson, Ahmed, Pollard, Gage, Hardman, Tyron Johnson, Higbee, Ryan I don't think its crazy to start Ridley and Gage if Julio is out, my RBs and flex probably cant be decided until gameday but any thoughts?
  10. im in the same boat, I would also want to see if Ingram is active or not. If hes active then Wilson over Dobbins is the play.
  11. Wilson is bringing home the title for anyone who has him. its time
  12. JK Dobbins @ HOU James Robinson @ TEN Sammy Watkins @ LAC DeSean Jackson vs LAR Preston Williams vs BUF
  13. need Jonnu Smith to get less than 9 points ppr
  14. Picked up in an auction keeper for a $1 at the end of a draft. I'm going to be patient here with rookie wrs, especially this situation with Gruden. Too many times we all drop rookie WRs too early.
  15. I am on the Ridley train. Year 3 breakout incoming.
  16. I drafted him in auction , mostly for keeper next year. I think he will have a role but they will run Ingram to the ground in their super bowl run. Potentially handing dobbins the job next year in a high potent run offense. It's worth a shot
  17. Love Ridley this year . Im drafting in auction and would gladly take him as my WR1 if i spend on kelce or a Barkley / cook combo
  18. been decimated by injuries but somehow got into the title game. Here's the options and I need to pick 2 WRs and Flex out of this group. Thanks! C. Samuel @ IND B. Perryiman vs Houston P. Laird vs Cin G. Ward vs Dallas D. Amendola @ Denver J. Washington @ NYJ M. Boone or A. Mattison vs GB, Monday night. I do not have Cook.
  19. Who would you roll out , Laird or Darwin Thompson ? Thanks
  20. Current starting lineup for a 12 team PPR. I am not sure what to do at RB and WR. Thoughts? Thanks. QB- Mahomes RB - Cook, Darwin Thompson WR - Julio, Curtis Samuel and Deebo Samuel TE- Engram Bench RBs- Laird, Rojo , Mattison. Bench WRs - James Washington, Robby Anderson
  21. im rolling him out with cook on a bye. rb wire has been awful this season. hoping for 10 points ppr
  22. Down 23 in PPR and 6 point TDs with Mahomes, Watkins and Butker vs his allen and henry. I need watkins to stop being a bitch.
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