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  1. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/748/invitation?key=45a141c0bf867a2e&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=a7cd8d3d21c19c9c
  2. Play a free competitive league instead of putting your money at risk during the pandemic.
  3. See my post for Survival of the Fittest 16. Free league with some of the best competition you'll find.
  4. Yahoo! H2H 12 team league ***ACTIVE and EXPERIENCED only*** This is a free league with very experienced and active Manangers from across the globe. Yahoo standard rosters with the exception of only one C spot and 3 UTIL to help with any COVID interruptions. 2 IL spots, and possibly an extra bench spot for same reason. Draft is snake style offline slow draft on fantrax, but league will play out on Yahoo. Every Manager will have 4 hours to make their selection and complete draft should last no more than 4-5 days. Send me DM or message here and I will shoot you an invi
  5. I'm interested in all diamond league! Mine is above 1000 too (1019).
  6. I love the confidence! That's exactly what we need. I'll send an invite.
  7. Survival Of The Fittest 13 is looking for competitive owner(s) to join in the fun. We were formed from a base of managers that were rated in the top 1-50 of Matt Buser's fantasy profile registry. Since then we have formed a great group of highly competitive and knowledgeable managers, now one of our originals has left the league to pursue more family time. We only want the BEST! If you feel you have the dedication, commitment, and knowledge we would love to here from you. In order to keep everyone scratching and clawing to the bitter end, we choose our dra
  8. Standard 9-cat H2H Yahoo! settings. 12 team snake draft with a twist. draft order selected by YOU based on your finish the year before.
  9. A peak at our top league members....... https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/AZHOSUT3KDBVZGDWJYRFZPN7OY?utmpdku=1 https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/OHJHKIXXH5WKSREZ4357DL7M6Q?sport=basketball&groupby=0&sort=year&order=1 https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/OOTG542GMYVRLPKNNNH7TXCPVA?sport=basketball&groupby=0&sort=year&order=1 https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/ACJGYMCHUNGIE6FGE2IIVEAPUI?sport=basketball&groupby=0&sort=year&order=1 https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/ODFG2264U73S
  10. https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/JBFMU3T2VCXNJ7X4BWK4EKLN44?sport=basketball&groupby=0&sort=year&order=1 Filtered by basketball only
  11. Looking for 1 or 2 very talented and active managers for highly competitive league. We have gathered some of the most impressive fantasy profiles from around the globe, and would like to add you to the mix if yours is just as impressive. Send me a link to your Yahoo! Fantasy Profile and an email. Here's a link to mine. https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/user/JBFMU3T2VCXNJ7X4BWK4EKLN44?utmpdku=1 Thanks, FinWins
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