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  1. Dude has been absolute money in the second half
  2. I’m not sure if this has been said already, but Bauer is just such a monster. He’s gotta be in the Cy Young conversation so far, he just doesn’t have a bad game
  3. anyone know why Maeda was taken out at 5.2 IP under 90 pitches?
  4. The man clearly just can’t pitch against the Yankees, this shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. However, he’s been on a GREAT roll, and if ONE team is his only weakness, then so be it. Aside from his games against the Yankees, he’s been a stud. Clearly it’s all in his head, and I agree that he might be a bit soft, but I’m not going to knock him too much for this one outing
  5. Alonso Conforto Choo Anderson Margot Hamilton Gurriel Kipnis Newcomb Lopez Pivetta Hamels Gray Teheran Montgomery Minor
  6. Just got offered Carrasco for Nola straight up in a H2H points redraft league. Take it?
  7. I think the reactions here are a bit drastic. He was stellar in his first two outings, had two disastrous outings, and cruised through most of his outing against the A’s, aside from the shot he gave up to Khris Davis. I really don’t think it’s time to give up on this guy just yet. He’s looked good this season more than he’s looked bad
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