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  1. Probably Hardman but that's tough. You're just hoping someone gets lucky and gets a TD. Might as well go with the guy in the best offense.
  2. Yeah I'm reading some pretty negative things about Hilton that the injury could linger. Would Freeman be a better target? Hyde+Parker for Freeman? Or maybe Hyde straight up (but I doubt he'd do that)? Note that we start 3 WR and a flex, so WR depth is more important than at RB. With the open roster spot I would pick up one of the following: Burkhead, Cooks, or Gordon (I'm looking for late-season upside). Or I would pick up a second DST for some weeks.
  3. 12-team, 0.5 PPR. Note we start 3WR + a flex QB: Murray, Winston RB: Kamara, Latavius, Dam. Williams, Hyde WR: Julio, Sutton, Parker, Watkins, Samuel TE: Kittle, Howard Another owner is short on players this week due to byes and injuries. He has two guys that aren't helping him this week that I'm interested in: TY Hilton, and Devonta Freemon. I offered up Watkins+Hyde for Hilton, and he said he liked the deal, but he couldn't do it for Watkins because that would give him 3 Chiefs all on bye next week. He countered with Hilton for Hyde+Sutton, but I don't think t
  4. I need a contingency plan for Kittle looking iffy for Monday. Best options on the waiver wire are Witten or Gesicki. Or I could pick up one of the Monday-night guys (Hollister or Dwelley) - Dwelley has the easier matchup but hasn’t been used all year. What’s the best option? Either way, I have to make a tough drop decision. Who goes? Earlier in the week I thought it would be Cooks but he seems to be improving. Samuel gets ATL next week and I would probably start him. Kyler Murray is also an option, he is @SF and then on bye, and overall Winston has a much nicer schedule ROS. My t
  5. I was excited to see that Hyde was dropped in my league because I could use some help at RB, but then I took a look at his schedule. After the bye, he's @BAL, IND, NE, @TEN, @TB. The Titans are the only team on that schedule that doesn't have a good run defense. Is he worth the pickup, and if so how hard do I go after him with FAAB? My current RBs are Kamara, Latavius, Damien Williams, and Tarik Cohen. I know Cohen has been mediocre, but it's 0.5 PPR and I feel that at some point the Bears are going to realize that their offense was a lot better last year when they were featuring h
  6. I think I would pass, maybe if Connor was healthy (and producing) it would be a different story, but I'd rather have Saquon.
  7. 12-team, 0.5 PPR. We start 2RB/3WR/1TE/1 flex: QB: Winston, Murray RB: Kamara, Latavius, Damien Williams, T. Cohen WR: Julio, Sutton (bye), Parker, Watkins, Samuel, Gordon, Cooks (injured) TE: Kittle Another team in my league is dealing with major bye and injury issues, and I offered Cohen+Watkins for James White. He countered with Latavius+Watkins for White. Latavius is my handcuff for Kamara (who was limited at practice today but will probably be fine), and might have a sizable role moving forward with the way he's played. Still, White would be more reliable I
  8. It's a toss-up for me, I guess I'd lean Samuel due to the expected workload. Thanks for mine.
  9. 12-team, 0.5 PPR league that starts 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, and a flex. QB: Murray, Winston RB: Kamara, Latavius, Dam. Williams, Tarik Cohen WR: Julio, Sutton, Cooks, Watson, Samuel, Parker, Gordon TE: Kittle I've been stashing Josh Gordon in my IR slot for the past couple weeks, but now he is no longer eligible and I need to make a drop decision. Who is the first to go? I'm leaning towards Tarik Cohen, but that would leave me with only 3 RBs on my roster (two of whom are on the same team). I'm I better off dropping one of my back-end WRs? If I drop Cohen I
  10. 12-team, 0.5 PPR: QB: Murray, Winston RB: Kamara, Latavius, T. Cohen, Dam. Williams, Henderson WR: Julio, Sutton, Cooks, Samuel, Watkins TE: Kittle K: Zuerlein DST: Bears I'm 4-4, and in a real bad spot this week. I'm up against the #1 team in my league who has no notable bye/injury issues. Meanwhile, I'm missing most of my best players on byes, and the remaining ones other than Kittle all have tough matchups. We start 3 WR and a flex in this league, so just to field a complete team would involving making two drops, including Zuerlein. Even then
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