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  1. AK putting on a performance to take the #1 spot from Dalvin. He’s 18 points behind him in my league (.5 ppr)
  2. You’re right. If he didn’t return to the game last week and didn’t practice I’d bench him. He came back in and was limited in practice. You’re all overthinking this. If he’s active you start him. Unless Glazer explicitly says “he’s going to play 10% of pass plays”
  3. If he goes for 12/97/2 on my bench I’m not going to be a happy camper. That and I am the favorite in the matchup. Barring a Glazer report that turns me off I’m starting him. Keenan will want to play, the chargers want to beat the raiders.
  4. So I’ve been thinking all day. He came back in last week and didn’t reaggravate the injury. [...] YOLO LFG KEENAN
  5. I guess I’m starting Diontae over him barring any other news
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