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  1. Do they really think they're getting multiple stops?
  2. 4 Targets for Diggs? That ain't gown' work.
  3. Funny to think AB sat. Really is like a dynasty FF offense.
  4. How many times will the Bills miss clear sacks on Mahommes? WrP THE ******** GUY UP!
  5. Dying to see better footage of those two snaps. Hopefully Buffalo takes note...you MUST close by more than a final possession.
  6. Why Rodgers didn't try to run for that TD on 3rd and 4th is beyond me. Looked like wide open running lanes. BahGawd, it's Brady vs Mahoooolmes!!!!
  7. Brady being delivered to the Super Bowl with a police escort lol. If you were pulling for the Pack, you had to know a close game did not favor you.
  8. There have been many exact same calls uncalled thus far. You can't call that at this point.
  9. He's going to have to do more than that. I wouldn't count on KC spotting them 28 in the first quarter.
  10. I can't imagine how Tomlin will try to explain it. Unfathomable, it's one yard.
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