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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/15/mike-vrabel-nobody-prepares-harder-than-derrick-henry-does-to-carry-the-load/amp/
  2. If ATL doesn’t draft a big name RB and ends up with someone like Khalil Herbert or lower then Davis will be drafted much higher than a flex, in my humble opinion. If ATL snags someone like Jahvonte Williams in the 2nd then Davis could drop down to flex prices. If ATL doesn’t use their 2nd round pick on a RB I’m all in on Davis as a rock solid RB2 unless whoever ATL gets in round 3+ ends up showing out in training camp.
  3. Some guy named Corbin appears to be the only player playing tonight.
  4. Falcons just released Ito Smith. looks like the Falcons RB room right now consists of 1. Mike Davis 2. Quadree Ollison 3. Whatever rookie RB they add in the 3rd round or later Davis is a potential top 10 RB I think with the Falcons offense. He did great filling in for CMC in Carolina and ATL has even better receiving threats than Carolina did to open running lanes. I checked to see if he had a thread before I started this one. I’m intrigued to see which RB ATL selects and whether he will have a chance to unseat Davis sometime before the end of the season
  5. that train of thought is a direct result of 2 things. 1. A person of wealth and fame puts themselves into a compromising situation with no witnesses, no proof to collaborate his or her version of events. B. Not settling the accusations of said compromising situation to avoid any public/media backlash and to maintain your nice image while also getting NDA (non-disclosure agreements) signed upon settling with the clients.
  6. Rays recalled LHP Josh Fleming from their alternate training site. Advice: Fleming is scheduled to start for the Rays on Wednesday night against the Rangers and could stick around for some more turns in the rotation if that outing goes well. The 24-year-old left-hander registered a sharp 2.78 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, and 25/7 K/BB ratio over his first 32 1/3 major league innings (five starts, two relief appearances) last season. He's a decent fantasy streaming option versus Texas. don’t the Rays usually produce good pitchers?
  7. Ace potential here just a matter of him putting it all together. I’m a true believer having followed him since high school.
  8. If Pitts is gone I hope the Dolphins trade back again and just collect more assets.
  9. all coaching decisions can be second guessed. He was trying to be aggressive. no risk it no biscuit
  10. They will justify it by saying he had no criminal charges only civil.
  11. lol, I was gonna scroll back and look but ran short on time. Dayvion Nix if he is available for the same reasons.
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