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  1. Playoff schedule for fantasy playoffs is… Week 15 - WFT Week 16 - NYG Week 17 - @ WFT
  2. so that coach believes it is a good idea to have different RBs who specialize in different aspects of the game? I wonder how long it would take defensive coordinators to figure that out 🤔
  3. im not in NE and I don’t know the internal dynamics of the Patriots but it sure seems like the coaches don’t like Damien. Idk if he has had issues with them or not but he didn’t play at all as a rookie, Sony Michel did and Rhamondre Stevenson will too. He barely played as a 2nd year player, in his 3rd year coming up they drafted another RB that they will no doubt deploy as a rookie. The backfield seems like a mess but what I gather the most is that NE doesn’t seem to value Harris all that much.
  4. As for why CJ2K sees Henry exploding ... Johnson says it's simple -- with Julio and A.J. Brown now on the outsides, Chris says it's not possible for defenses to just key in on Derrick. "There's no way you can put 8, 9 in the box on Henry," Johnson tells us. "You got Julio on the outside. You got A.J. on the other side. So, you can't stack the box or anything like that." "It's like, man, it's crazy." It's a scary scene to think about -- especially for AFC South teams -- 'cause Henry was ALREADY a beast in 2020. The 27-year-old monster ran for 2,027 yards, 17 touchdowns A
  5. I’d be disappointed if that’s what you took from that clip. I like the choppy feet coming off the line and the sticky hands.
  6. Hasta Laviska, Baby. love the talent I’m lukewarm on his ability to stay healthy and his situation. QB situation should be better but coaching staff is an unknown. OC has history with Marvin Jones Jr. Many are predicting Chark to break out. Is there room for 2-3 fantasy relevant WRs on the Jags? Most rookie QBs can’t support that. he had some injuries in college, had some injuries last year. I personally think he is the best receiver the Jags have, I just wonder how long it will take The Jax coaching staff to figure that out and treat him as such.
  7. Love the talent dislike the situation. Lamar runs it, Gus runs it, JK runs it. That’s a lot of rushes for a team who drafted all WRs and say they want to pass more.
  8. thanks for the hard work. Being commish is a thankless job but I appreciate y’all taking on the task so we can play every year.
  9. We debate how much running backs can truly outperform their environment, but nobody has done that more than Henry over the past two seasons. Henry has 2,758 yards after contact since the start of the 2019 season, almost 1,000 more than any other back in that span. 👀
  10. It’s hard to think losing a HOF WR playing across from you is a good thing. It will increase your target share but you will also become the focal point of opposing defenses. Yet to be determined how this well affect Ridley with the new offense they will run.
  11. nailed it again. Titans could really use home field advantage throughout the playoffs if they wanna make a super bowl. Vrabel knows this well. All hands on deck.
  12. Interesting name at the top, in a tier all alone. it can be lonely at the top.
  13. Could be good value here at the bottom of the 1st round after CMC, Zeke, Cook, Kamara, Hopkins, Adams, Hill, and Barkley.
  14. The Julio trade certainly benefits Henry maybe the most. Extremely hard to stack the box now.
  15. that would easily be a top 12 WR from last year. if that holds true he would be the best bargain of all of fantasy football.
  16. Hardman dropping passes in the super bowl, demarcus Robinson kinda is what he is at this point. powell being the unknown but having a good athletic profile makes him, to me, the most exciting non Kelce or Hill pass catcher for the Chiefs. I’ll always gamble on the upside and if he turns out like hardman or Robinson then he is an easy drop for a waiver pickup.
  17. He played with the heart of a champion, same as Steve young did his first 2 years in the league. that kind of efficiency warrants an opportunity to develop and is what is known in the sports community as a “gamer”, at least I think that is what you called it. An ultimate competitor is what I call it, either way, it’s an intangible that all winning teams need to help lift everyone around them to greater heights. not all QBs are pro bowlers their first 2 seasons, guys with talent and flashes of greatness should be afforded an opportunity to get better.
  18. during Tebow’s historic run as a starting QB for Denver including their playoff victory vs Pittsburgh he was the highest rated QB in the NFL in the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter. 👀
  19. Pete Carrol and John Harbaugh did fine as college coaches going pro. Some work out some don’t. Yet to be determined what Urban will be as an NFL head coach but adding a born winner like Tebow to the locker room is a step in the right direction towards developing a winning culture cause Tebow knows how to inspire his teammates and lead by example.
  20. The same Denver team was 1-4 with Kyle Orton at QB before Tebow took over and lifted the entire team to greater heights. 31 NFL teams passed on Steve Young as a QB, only 1 person believed in his ability to develop, so I’m glad as fans we were not deprived of seeing Steve Young’s HOF career because one of the best offensive minds of all time saw his potential to develop as a QB or Steve Young might have been trying minor league baseball too or bagging groceries with Kurt Warner if it were left up to the other 31 NFL teams. obviously his QB days are over due to factors be
  21. Top 12 last year in my leagues would have been around AJ Brown or Mike Evans. Evans had 1,000 yards and 13 TDs and he was #12 according to our leagues rankings. I certainly trust your opinion and think Chark will get close to 1,000 receiving yards but I think his TD total would be closer to 5 or 6.
  22. Darden was drafted by TB in the fourth round. They moved up to draft him and Bruce Arians said he reminded him of Emmanuel Sanders. Byron Leftwitch just this past week had this to say about Jaelon: Some of his highlights from his time at North Texas... Jaelon Darden is a better dynasty prospect than he is for redraft at this particular time but if you watch his skill set he has the potential to be pretty good. if TB suffers some injuries then Darden could start to see more playing time at WR but he should make the team as their punt and kick returner. Kind
  23. Murphy played for Urban at Florida. i doubt Urban even watched much NFL during his time as college coach so Murphy was a guy in his memory data bank that he came up with. in reference to DJ Chark, JAX is still a young offense with a new coach and a rookie QB who suddenly has lots of options. They will work in Etienne, JRob, Laviska, Marvin Jones Jr, and Chark. I’m just not sure there is room for a high ceiling with Chark and a young offense with a rookie QB.
  24. murphy played for Urban at Florida, I’m sure that’s why he came up with that reference. Not that I agree with it, just shows how or why Urban would bring up a guy like Louis Murphy.
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