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  1. League Rules 1) All Rookies ( 2020- 2021 ) belong to your designated NHL team ( No one can pick up other teams rookies during the draft EXCEPT those rookies of the designated NHL teams are not existed in this league ) . 2) All Owners can leave their designated NHL team rookies and players in the pool ( played less than 65 games ) . Once over 65 games , anyone can pick them up 3) Owners once dumped any of your designated team rookies or players to the pool , they can be picked up by anyone we need 1 replacement for Team Pittsburgh , here is the link : https:/
  2. i would like to take the last team if still available ...chow123chow@gmail.com ...Melody...thx!
  3. HvH pts format , 14 teams , 28 keepers , right now Team St.Louis and Detriot are available , please leave Email if interested League : https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/join?leagueId=1695&inviteId=ba4d5a79-919c-4ece-bbc8-1a7ffd6c2a35
  4. im interested , but which team is available ? my email : chow123chow@gmail.com
  5. let me know if there are any other league...thx .. my email chow123chow@gmail.com
  6. i would like to join , but can the draft date changed to Oct 1 instead of 2nd ? i cant join as i need to work on 2nd ..thx my email : chow123chow@gmail.com
  7. i would like to take the team ..sent an email already , just in case : my email chow123chow@gmail.com thx !
  8. for league 1- all in , how would l know which players have been kept for more than 2 years ? eg. some players may not been kept in the lst year
  9. i would like to take the last spot of the expansion team ..my email : chow123chow@gmail.com thx !
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