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  1. More realistic expectation that your previous $500 & $1000 buyin tries ... still very optimistic to expect a league to be filled up in less than 3 hours by just pumping a rotoworld thread...
  2. 11 managers have paid in leaguesafe, 1 last spot is available!
  3. 15 managers have joined the league but only 12 will make the draft. There is a spot available for you,if you can join and pay immediately.
  4. Sup fellas? I have filled up a few leagues this year and I am looking to do the same with this $200 new yahoo roto league. More details : 8cats (no TOs), snake draft, 12 managers, 750 games overall limit, daily lineups, payments via leaguesafe (majority approval) Payouts: $1st $1300 2nd $750 3rd $350 Draft date is still open, probably Monday 12/21 aprx 7pm est. Reply with your yahoo/leaguesafe adresses .. Lets do it !!!
  5. The league is filled up but there are some spots in a league with same settings but $200 buyin. I sent you a pm.
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