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  1. we need one last guy to pay and then we will do the randomizing for the draft order!
  2. 11 managers have paid, we are looking for 1 last manager to join and pay!
  3. Hello, I am running a $250 8cat (no TOs) 12teamer rotisserie league on Yahoo. Draft will take place either Sunday 20th of December or Monday 21th of December. Payments using leaguesafe (majority approval). Payouts for top3 overall teams. Daily lineups. Drop me your yahoo address for an invite!
  4. Hello, I am running a big $500 h2h 9cat 12teamer league. Snake draft, daily lineups, payouts for top4 overall teams. Payments are made via leaguesafe (majority approval). Send me a PM or reply to this thread if you are interested.
  5. Still looking for 1 manager, the rest 13 managers have paid on leaguesafe!
  6. I have one spot left in a ESPN 14teamer $150 9cat h2h auction draft league.
  7. The #1 league is filled up and all managers have paid. If you are interested in any other two leagues, let me know!
  8. Hello, I am running a $300 Yahoo roto 8cat league. More details : 12 managers, 750 overall games limit, daily lineups,snake draft, payouts for top3 overall teams, leaguesafe (majority approval) for payments. So far 10 managers have joined and 4 of them have paid. I am looking for 2 last owners to join and pay asap.
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