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  1. More details : Buy-In : $250, h2h, 12 managers, 9 standard cats, daily-tomorrow lineups, league voting for trades, payments via leaguesafe (majority approval), payouts for top3 teams overall and the regular season winner. The draft date isnt final, I will try to find one that works for everyone but the most probable scenario is that the AUCTION draft will take place either Sunday 13th of October ~4 PM EST or Saturday 19th of October ~8 PM EST. Payouts 1st Overall : $1600 2nd Overall : $800 3rd Overall : $350 1st Regular Season : $250 The first 12 managers who pay , they
  2. Hello everyone, I am running this league for 4th year. More details: Buy-In: $150 Rotisserie,Snake Draft at Sunday 13th of October at 12:30 pm est, 8 Cats (no TOs), 12 Managers , Daily-Today, 850 Maximum Overall Games. Payouts : 1st Overall: $1000/2nd Overall: $500/3rd Overall: $300 Payments via leaguesafe,majority approval. 1 last spot is available. Private groupme chat is also available. Send me a PM with your espn/leaguesafe addresses if u are interested. Thanks
  3. what do u mean by SLOW auction? I am running some espn classic auction money leagues via leaguesafe , in case u are interested..
  4. 11 managers have paid on leaguesafe for the rotisserie league, we are looking for 1 last manager in order to learn the draft order!
  5. Hello folks, I am running this ESPN redraft league for 2nd year: Buy-In: $150, H2H, Auction Draft on Sat 12th of October at 10:30 AM EST, 9 Standard Cats, 14 Managers , Daily-Today, FAAB waivers, 4 Acquisitions per Week, League voting for trades. Payouts :1st Overall : $1050 /2nd Overall: $600 /3rd Overall: $300 /1st Regular Season: $150 Payments via leaguesafe,majority approval. The league also has private GroupMe chat.. 2 LAST SPOTS AVAILABLE! THE REMAINING 12 MANAGERS HAVE ALREADY PAID ON LEAGUESAFE Send me a PM with your espn/leaguesafe addresses if u are inte
  6. LIES LIES LIES... U insult someone and making conspiracy theories about scamming in your own league (lmfao) in a public chat and then u want him to pay on your league otherwise u were right to insult him from the 1st time and the guy indeed planning to scam by making your league without paying his buyin... pathetic ..
  7. Yo guys avoid this league, commish is a joke,its his first time running a league via leaguesafe and he has no clue.. he sets up a draft time this sunday, the league isnt filling up nobody pays.. then changes the deadline for one week later at next sunday ... then some people started paying and commish trying to push the rest managers to pay by insulting them in order to change back the draft time to this sunday.. he insulted one manager saying " i am suspected that guy is trying to play in my league without paying and scum us" .. he though that because that guy said he was waiting a baseball
  8. Invite sent The league is 14teamer and 12 managers have paid, so u should pay asap to secure 1 of the last 2 spots..
  9. Looking for one last manager in each league in order to do the randomizing for the draft order, 11 managers have paid on leaguesafe!
  10. invite sent , 2 last spots available ,12 managers have paid on leaguesafe.
  11. 14teamer league , 12 managers have paid on leaguesafe, 2 last spots available
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