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  1. BUMP Need one last guy. 10 managers have already paid on leaguesafe.
  2. Still looking for 2 managers , half league has paid on leaguesafe!
  3. Yes there are some empty spots. Give your espn and leaguesafe email addresses.
  4. Yes there are spots for both of u. Send me your espn and leaguesafe email addresses for the invites.
  5. $120 Redraft,12 managers,Rotisserie,Snake draft at 10/15 3pm est, 8 Standard Cats (no TOs),FAAB waivers, Daily-Today,the rest settings are default.Payouts:1st Overall: $8002nd Overall: $4203rd Overall: $220Payments via leaguesafe.com Send me your espn and leaguesafe email addresses for the invites.
  6. Bump. The league is filled but u can get a seat if u are able to pay asap. The draft is next sunday at 3pm est but we want to make the randomizing for the draft order few days earlier in order to be well prepared for the draft.
  7. I am looking for one last manager who can pay asap. The rest 11 managers have already paid on leaguesafe. Details: Buy-In $250 ,redraft,12 managers, 9 cats ,snake draft at Sun 10/08 11 AM EST,daily- today, FAAB waivers for both FAs and players dropped by rosters, auction budget of 400$ for all acquisitions, payouts for the best 3 teams overall and the regular season winner, payments via leaguesafe. Send me your espn and leaguesafe email addresses if u are interested.
  8. I am looking for 2 last owners for my $250 ESPN Roto Snake League. I have 5 managers paid via leaguesafe and I hope the rest do it asap. Details: Buy-In $250 ,redraft,12 managers, 8cats (no TOs) ,snake draft at Sun 10/08 3 PM EST (we may move it 1 hour later because of NFL games),daily- today, FAAB waivers,820 overall games limit (82games x10 slots),payouts for the best 3 teams, payments via leaguesafe. Serious inquiries only. Thanks
  9. Date: Sat, Oct 14, 2017Time: 12:00 PM ET Still looking for one last manager...The rest 11 have already paid.
  10. We need one final manager, 11 guys have already registered and paid.
  11. bump, the drafts in both leagues will take place the weekend of 10/07 and 10/08 as the most of managers are having other scheduled drafts at the final weekend before the regular season starts.
  12. Βump One spot available at the h2h (6 have paid), a couple iat the roto one
  13. Bump 10 managers have paid, we need one last to register and pay asap.
  14. Looking for one last manager. 8 people have already paid on leaguesafe!
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