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  1. At this point the Celtics have been playing like flaming dog poop and are nearly out of the playoffs, I dont see how they can afford not to play him more
  2. Is this the only hope? It's pretty lame that hes going to be out for probably more than a month when it's all said and done without being IL eligible. I mean, I get it, it's not injury related. But owners have no control over that. It's not like he got suspended by the league.
  3. I dont want to speculate on a shutdown, but in case anyone didnt know, the only way the Wolves keep their first round draft pick this year is if they are in the top 3. Part of the Wiggins-Russell trade sent the Wolves 1st round pick to Golden State and its top-3 protected for 2021. If it doesnt convey this year then it is unprotected in 2022. I'm not implying anything, but the Wolves currently have the worst record in the NBA and being this terrible all year without gaining from it would be an immense waste of time and resources. Of course, because of the way the lottery is decided,
  4. Hes a FA in my league and of course he got more run because Holmes was out, but does this warrant more playing time going forward? Didnt watch any of the game so I have no clue if he had an actual impact keeping them in the game or if this was a blowout/garbage time type of thing
  5. Somehow have had like 15 fewer games than my opponent every week. This week from injuries and postponed games I'm slated for 36 games and my opponent 54. How do you even compete?
  6. Holy hell this guy just had the best game of his career. 27/10/4 with 8 steals on 10-19 shooting and just hit a 3pt dagger over Wiggins with the shot clock expiring and 10 seconds left.
  7. Damn shame that tonight's game got postponed. And last minute at that. Wouldve been a nice opportunity for him to show Denver why he wanted a larger role for himself. With this covid situation, not sure if they'll play tomorrow, or the rest of the week. How long does it usually take to determine close contacts? I've seen some sources cite an 'inconclusive' test for the Pistons and others said 'positive'.
  8. Ah, the sweet sweet sound of capitulation always arouses the true believers.
  9. As long as the rebounding and stocks remain, I'd be happy with a higher FG% on less volume
  10. I know nothing about this guy but have a few questions. I'm intrigued as hes been playing extremely well in 9cat recently. What position does he play normally? What position(s) has he been playing since he started getting decent minutes? Who's better for stocks between him and Jae'Sean Tate? Who will get more minutes and why? How does House returning affect his playing time? Some things I've noticed. Hes been on 5 teams in 5 years. Literally a different team each season. Worked his way up from the D-league years ago. Hes 28 now. Rockets seem to be in purgatory, so I'm n
  11. Just my opinion, but I believe Theis deserves a role and TT doesnt deserve much more than a handful of minutes. Hes offered almost nothing other than rebounding energy, and Theis and Williams offer so much more in their own right. They have a much larger impact in various facets of the game. I think Williams, when hes back up to speed with his conditioning and such, will play 15-20 minutes a night. Thompson will be sprinkled in based on matchup and to keep others fresh.
  12. The full quote from your article: So they want to keep Drummond long term assuming he'd accept $15 million per year, which seems questionable. I mean, I dont know the market for Drummond, but what're the odds he takes a 50% paycut? I get the point is that the Cavs do see a potential future with Drummond at the right price, but I'd be surprised if that's his best offer. Maybe he likes it there and takes it, or the team offers a tiny bit more, who knows. To me, the Cavs saying they'd "love to sign him long term for $15m/year" only means so much because that's a pretty big dif
  13. Loving the rebounding and stocks, hoping he can cut his turnovers down and bring his FG% up from 50 to 55. He shot 58 and 56 the past two years. The turnovers have been higher than usual. Hoping that maybe knowing that he wont be traded takes some of the stress out of his game and hes able to just play.
  14. Well, he better come back in shape because a wrist injury shouldnt affect his conditioning
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