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  1. Any reason as to why he has only logged 9 mins at the half?
  2. I'm not gonna handle this. Last year zaza ended my season now possibly Austin rivers. My two most hated players
  3. I hope they shut him down for a week or two and try get him 100%. He straight sucks right now
  4. Achilles must be still bothering him. Minutes are becoming a concern now. He barely cracks 30
  5. This dude literally walks the ball up the floor, drops it to Gasol than stands in the corner. Being outplayed once again by Tyreke Evans
  6. That is baffling to me. I don't like to be the guy to diss leagues but maan this guy shouldn't be anywhere near waivers. Congrats on winning your league already
  7. Putting on a clinic so far against the jazz
  8. Sounds like he will be back next game against the Knicks. They have 2 days off after today so it makes why they held him out again.
  9. Looks frustrated out there and is now taking terrible shots. Tough to watch
  10. Yeah I've watched it so far. Showed no agressiveness in the 1st qtr and booker was hot so he didn't take any shots. Then didn't get off the bench the whole 2nd qtr...
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