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  1. I think Rodgers is the safest pick but I hate taking QB's early. I think AJ Green or one of the rookie RB's has to be the pick.
  2. A little confused by the question. If you're trading Howard for M. Thomas and Gillislee, then definitely pull the trigger. WR's have longer careers and Thomas is elite. I think you can survive with Hyde and Crowell until Zeke gets back and Thomas definitely upgrades your receiver corp. Help with mine please? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/660816-who-to-draft-first-in-keeper-league-whir/
  3. I agree with everyone saying Bell/Jordy, but I think you should also consider Cooper. What are other players at his ADP being kept for? If it's a good value then defintely consider it because I think Cooper is an elite keeper player and that seems like a decent price on him. Help with mine please?
  4. In the case of Rudolph vs Eifert, I like Rudolph more because he doesn't get hurt as often as Eifert. Now looking at Crabtree vs Coleman, Crabtree is 29 so he's getting up there in age but he's had 2 very good seasons in OAK and has a great QB throwing him the ball. I think Coleman is the better keeper because he's only 24 and he's an electric player but he's not an NFL every down RB and he will be splitting carries with Freeman until 2019 when Coleman is a free agent. Crabtree will help you more this year than Coleman I believe. I'd say make the deal because it makes your team better this year. Coleman is always gonna have Freeman blocking him and Crabtree has a better chance of repeating his performance from last year than Coleman does. I think you have to ask yourself if you would be more comfortable with Crabtree as your WR2 and drafting a flex player, or having Coleman plugged in your flex every week and drafting a WR2. Thanks for the help with mine. Good luck to you this season.
  5. It's an established league, .5 PPR and I get to keep the player in the same round for 5 years. There's a few players available that I'm debating. I'm already keeping Cooper(2nd), Gronk(4th), Crowell(5th), and A. Robinson(15th). I'm leaning towards running back to fill out my team. Here's the top players available. AJ Green Dez Bryant One of the rookie RB's (Fournette, Mixon, Cook, McCaffrey) Aaron Rodgers My gut pick is Joe Mixon. I feel like he's a true 3 down running back and the most talented back in the class. He might not be the main RB for the first 4 games of his career but after he takes over I feel like he's fantasy gold and I'm looking long term. Green is great but I have a couple good WR's already and want a player I'll be excited about keeping in the 1st round every year. I feel like Mixon is that guy. Fournette's multiple foot injuries scare me and the Jags are terrible but he has a ton of talent and will be a true work horse. Cook is looking good and is definitely in the conversation. I'm not huge on McCaffrey because of Cam stealing goal line carries. Do I trust my gut and go against the rankings with Mixon or just take Fournette, Cook, or Green? Drop a link with your reply and I'll try to answer any questions you have as well.
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