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  1. Hello. I just sent you an email re: CHC. Thanks! jbedolla74@gmail.com
  2. Up to 12 teams? N i c e. Any chance we can up the keepers for next year as well? Don't wanna step on any toes just wondering not a big deal if no. Thanks again for invite!
  3. Those are solid recommends for sure. I'm debating between a few guys I'll select on the league site in the next hour man.
  4. If anybody has a free dynasty or keeper league drafting tonight or this weekend please email me. Thanks. jbedolla74@gmail.com
  5. If it's 12 or more teams I'm in. ESPN or Yahoo is fine with me. 3 or 4 keepers is fine with me. Thanks! Jbedolla74@gmail.com
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