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  1. Hey All, Injuries have ruined my season so I’d like to join a mid season league if anyone is starting one up. I’ve been playing since 2000 and I have accounts on both yahoo and sleeper. Thanks and let me know.
  2. I’ve decided to go Smith he’s basically another Wr... if he gets hurt I’ll have some regrets though
  3. Gio is a dang good fantasy back when given the chance. He was awesome last year in his month as a starter . If mixon is out a few weeks I’d hold tight
  4. McKissic although keep your expectations very low. Could you snag a guy like Everett off the wire with terrible Highbee injured?
  5. Take that trade for sure for either. I think Godwin takes the slot when AB enters the lineup and keeps value. Evan’s is the one who takes a hit with AB joining. Unless mixon is out much longer than a week and I haven’t seen anything expressing that sentiment?
  6. I’m a tad worried about Smiths ankle. Who would you start between the two this week? Thanks.
  7. He (Kizer) is even worse than Charlie Frye... does not belong in the league
  8. Sky high and I have him for a 9th round pick next season!
  9. Read back the last two weeks in the Gilly and Lewis threads... so many people making statements about being worried about playing Lewis because of Gilly being active last week.
  10. Especially considering he's inactive today.... I'm still laughing so hard at all the people who benched Dion Lewis last week because they feared this bum stepping in.... maybe the most laughable move of many on this forum this year.
  11. How many championships did this bum cost managers last week? I'm glad I was playing against him.
  12. I don't really understand why people keep falling for the Julio Jones trap. He's always hurt and is really unreliable. He's good for a great game or two but definitely not worth a first round pick at this point.
  13. I'd take him 3rd before Ertz especially considering Wentz iffy status next year but it's close. What round you all thinking?
  14. Thielen in the 16th round. Manager who drafted him came in 3rd.
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