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  1. I don't. I said he might be the lead back because in week 5 he out carried McCoy 9-0.
  2. You're missing the point. You think the KC run game is garbage and will be all year? I think it's all about touch allocation. To me, the lead back on the KC Chiefs is someone you want to have on your fantasy team.
  3. Those of you talking of dropping Damien have short memories because in week 5 Damien out carried McCoy 9-0. Part of me thinks Andy Reid was just keeping Damien fresh for Thursday night, and on Thursday Damien will once again dominate touches.
  4. Well Rodgers went down 7 weeks ago and things change. That was then and this is now. What doesn't make sense about it? I'm not saying Adams is a bad start. All I'm saying is I can see Rodgers wanting to reestablish Jordy since Jordy's production has suffered so much in his absence. I mean Rodgers actually said he wants to get 87 and 18 more involved. This could be a reason to at least knock Davante down from the "automatic start" list and at least consider starting other guys over him. In the end I'll probably start Adams anyway.
  5. I can see benching Davante tomorrow. During his locker room interview Wednesday Rodgers said he wants to get "87" and "18" more involved this week, since the team has gotten away from that in the 7 weeks he missed. He did not mention getting "17" more involved. I think it's likely Jordy catches two TDs, as Rodgers wants to reestablish his top guy who has been painfully quiet the last two months. So is there room for Davante to have an big game too? Maybe I'm overthinking it but I'm considering Goodwin over Adams since Goodwin is a clear #1 target on his team.
  6. Kamara injury changed everything for Thomas this week. Sorry I can't predict injuries to other key players. I still stand by my post that Thomas is overrated this year.
  7. Thomas is the most overrated receiver this year. He has three TDs all season, and only two games with over 90 yards. Yet every week he is ranked as a top 4-8 WR. It's just wrong. In standard scoring this season he has only scored 6 points more than his teammate Ted Ginn. Thomas is low upside and boring to start every week. I'm happy to bench him for Josh Gordon.
  8. I have the same decision and am going with Goff. Goff has a better matchup. Ben has only been a top 12 QB 3 out of his last 11 games vs. the Bengals. Plus, in terms of yards, CIN has a better pass D (5th best) than run D (28th best), whereas ARZ has a better run D (10th best) than pass D (19th best). So Goff has a better chance to do damage through the air.
  9. I really like Brate this weekend with Fitzpatrick starting. They both went to Harvard for crying out loud- they must have great chemistry together! I would think a Harvard QB would naturally look to a Harvard TE, especially in the red zone. The Jets also have a bad pass defense, especially against the TE position. As if that wasn't enough reason to start Brate - Evans is out, so that will open up even more targets than usual for him. I feel everything is aligning for him to have a really nice game against the Jets. Starting him in my flex.
  10. The drop to from Watson to Savage will be drastic. I'm holding for this week but going forward I expect him to revert to 2016 production which was scoring under 4 points 80% of the time.
  11. It's not difficult at all just drop the last guy on your bench. To me a kicker like Elliott on an offense like the Eagles is definitely worth holding onto. After his bye you'll start Elliott every week whereas the last guy on your bench you might start once or not at all the rest of the season. Easy call for me.
  12. lol. The LA Rams are literally the #1 scoring offense in the NFL, averaging 30.3 points per game.
  13. I expect Forte to be the Jets 1-A today against the Pats. Could be a good day for Forte.
  14. I think the Bucs really want to win this game. Based on the RB usage last year, it's pretty clear that Koetter and OC Monken view Martin as their best RB. When active last year, Martin always dominated touches over Jacquizz. Add this fact with statements made in their press conferences this week, with both saying Martin "looked good" and Monken declaring Martin "ready to go," I would expect Martin to step in and get plenty of carries right off the bat. If Jacquizz and Martin split carries evenly it would be the first time these coaches have done that. I think that's only possible if
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