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  1. God knows I would love to see Latavius Murray in this NYG offense, he might go for 3,000 yards.
  2. Poe's law abound ITT. I can't tell if some of these folks are trolling people or are serious..... You would have to be a pretty big dumba** to believe some of this stuff in here.
  3. 101 PPR points from Kamara.... it appears I actually just need some whiskey.
  4. Well, at least I elected to play him in EVERY lineup.
  5. Well, as good of a time as any to try rolling him out over Fant vs PITT this week. I think WFT is gonna have to throw to keep up with AZ offense. Given his piece of the opportunity pie in the passing game coupled with the Lack of talent in the receiving core and the necessity of WFT to pass to keep up (or with playing from behind) we are looking at a big opportunity for a breakout, IME. Fire him up boys and GL!!!
  6. AJ Brown will be out 4 weeks.... source: Miss Cleo
  7. he was limited last week too before DEN. Better hop on it if you're gonna get him, he's jumping off wires as news spreads of this
  8. I like where you're at here. I value him the same (10-15) but agree with this thinking while AJB is out
  9. great post Spina, thanks for taking the time... enjoyed the read! GL
  10. I'm with this. Henry is definitely gonna get his - the play action will be the key to their passing game and the OC just said coverage dictated Davis's involvement. This seems like a scenario that would be a dream for this guy.... He has had a full offseason with a QB with a pulse, he's got a demon runner out of the backfield that defenses have to game plan around and always keep an eye on, and has a WR opposite of him who draws the #1 or will draw the shade. Of course we'll need to see on repeat to know where we're at but this spot seems as good as any to monitor on the bench. I guess I
  11. I choose to drop Jeudy in redraft, not faced with exact same decision but pretty close. ON Jeudy- I love the routes, love the future but not holding at this time... this dude could turn into a safety valve for Brady and I think those (possible) steady points in the WR3 spot are worth more than what Jeudy provides in upside this season. Agree with the few above who said WR3.
  12. I think you're right in line. Peterson isn't who he once was and this dude can blow the lid off the top on any play, I can absolutely see a track meet type game too.
  13. do we have reason to believe this won't happen throughout the season? There were coverages when Davis was running across the middle of the field torching dudes. As we all know, the play action is the key to this offseason and if Brown continues to see shaded or 1v1 vs a stud coverage I take this news to be rather encouraging ROS.
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