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  1. But even with the Dak and O-line injuries Pollard looked like a better back. Faster, more dynamic, more explosive. Until Week 16 Elliott did not have a single GAME all season where he averaged 5.0 YPC, and he wouldn't have done it even then if you take away his single longest run of the year. That is terrible for a "star" running back, and to expect the Cowboys not to take notice of that is wishful thinking. Pollard is still hungry. Whether Elliott is too is the question.
  2. Just to show how individual this game is, I was actually hoping Robinson would be declared Out this week. After last week he dropped to arguably my RB5 for the playoffs in a league where I can only roster four RBs. Granted it is a keeper league (12-team, 14-man roster with two IR, keep 7) but Derrick Henry, Cam Akers, Miles Sanders, and Jonathan Taylor (left in IR so I wouldn't have to drop anybody), are some pretty good options.
  3. Seattle D/ST is legit because most of their DBs have either been Out or playing hurt and should be back healthy by then. They have great linebackers in Wagner and Wright, and top draft pick Jordyn Brooks is emerging. Carlos Dunlap has also been playing well giving them a pass rush they didn't have before.
  4. The other thing to keep in mind is that the Seattle game was played in the rain. Until the final game-winning drive, even likely MVP favorite (so far) Russell Wilson had only thrown for 140 yards. Tough to throw and catch that night.
  5. I've got even that beat. Derrick Henry, Jonathan Taylor, and Miles Sanders are my other three. (Yes, keeper league.) I can't even get Robinson on the field as a bye week guy because Henry, Taylor, and he share the same week!
  6. Hey, I'm just glad that Sanu showed Ryan that Julio can actually catch a ball for a touchdown. About time.
  7. Thanks, but I'll figure it out. Been doing this long enough.
  8. I picked him up after his Week 4 debut, but haven't started him yet. It's going to be hard not to now. Two catches on five targets was not enough to bank on hoping one would be a long TD. Going to Seattle, with a rookie QB, and going 5/125/2 on eight targets looks like a turning point for his season. And yes, Watson's ability to extend plays and still find a receiver does the same for Fuller as Russell Wilson's ability to keep his eyes downfield as he scrambles does for his receivers. Only problem now is who to bench for him? Julio Jones or AJ Green at WR or Alex Collins at flex. Heaven
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